September 22, 2009

Winnipeg Magazines: Morgan B. Turney's 'Canadian Railway Modeller' and 'Railfan Canada'

Okay. We're having summer now. But winter will come. And when it's cold, some folks - given the choice of working on a model or reading - would rather curl up with a good book or magazine. For some WMRC members The Lantern, the club's monthly publication, is one of their favorite reads. For others, well, it's just the beginning.

WMRC member Morgan Turney is the editor/publisher of Canadian Railway Modeller. The magazine is packed with articles, websites, a Canada-wide hobby shop directory, a Canadian product review and classifieds. Canadian Railway Modeller also carries Canadian railway book reviews and often has a one evening project, perfect for a Winnipeg winter night.

Want more info? Go to

Morgan B. Turney is also the associate editor/publisher of Railfan Canada - Railway Photographic Journal. Suzanne Lemon is the editor of the new publication which premiered in winter, 2009. It's a beautiful magazine, filled with fine railroad photography and articles about railfan spots in Canada.

They also have a website

Both magazines have world wide distribution and make great Christmas gifts for someone far away. Hey, nothing to wrap.

Christmas! Yikes!! Winter. SNOW!!! Go out and enjoy this weather. NOW!!

Have a great day. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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