August 31, 2011

The Ephemerals: Trending

September 6 – December 3
Gallery 1C03, The University of Winnipeg, 515 Portage Ave.

Performative embedment (across campus): September 6 - 9 
Installation (Anthropology Museum, 4th floor, Centennial Hall): Sept. 6 - Dec. 3
Reception (Gallery 1C03): September 9, 2:00 - 4:00 
Artists' roundtable discussion: September 30, 12:30 - 1:30 

In social networking sites, ‘trending’ demarcates an increase in the popularity of a topic among a large group. In the wider world, a fashion trend indicates an upward shift of interest in a particular style. 

Trending is a four-day performative embedment on The University of Winnipeg campus by The Ephemerals, an all-female Aboriginal collective of artists and curators. The Ephemerals will interrogate the trend of Indigenously-influenced clothing among post-secondary students. Images from performances will be uploaded to Gallery 1C03’s website. 

Jaimie Isaac is an artist, curator and writer. Isaac holds a BA in History of Art from The University of Winnipeg. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Creative and Indigenous Studies at UBC Okanagan. 

Niki Little is interested in artistic and curatorial strategies that explore the reasoning of identity, culture and social exchanges. Little has studied at The University of Manitoba, the National Screen Institute and the Camberwell College of Art in London, UK. 

Jenny Western is a curator, writer and educator who holds an undergraduate degree in History from The University of Winnipeg and a Masters in Art History and Curatorial Practice from York University in Toronto. One of Western’s recent projects includes 
co-curating Close Encounters: The Next 500 Years, a multi-venue group exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art from around the globe. 

Brian Brennan's Leaving Dublin

Tuesday, September 6 · 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm 
Crump Room of Christ Church 3602 8th Street SW  

Please join Brian for the launch of his new book of memoirs, 
Leaving Dublin: Writing My Way from Ireland to Canada.  

There will be music.  
There will be wine.  
There will be good conversation and craic.  
There will be a special musical guest!

30 Days of Justice 2011

September 5 - October 4 

Organized by Families of Sisters in Spirit (FSIS) and our allies, ‘30 Days of Justice’ 
brings together families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women, grassroots Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women and men, and the wider Ottawa community.

We will raise critical awareness, support Aboriginal families affected by violence, and demand justice and accountability in the disappearances and murders of more than 
600 Aboriginal women and girls in Canada in recent decades.

Families of Sisters in Spirit is a volunteer, grassroots, non-profit organization led by families of missing and murdered Aboriginal women based in Ottawa, Ontario, unceded Algonquin territory.

You can post comments on Facebook.

Speaking Crow: Barbara Schott

Tuesday, September 6  

The Crow starts at 7:00 pm and is followed by two open-mic sets and short breaks in between. Come take up the mic and wax poetic about life, the universe and everything!

Barbara Schott is the author of the chapbook The Waterlily Pickers and the full-length collection Memoirs of an Almost Expedition
Her poems are often about the travails of love relationships, the discombobulations of travel, and especially acute appreciations of landscapes both physical and psychological.

August 30, 2011

Workshop with Shawna Dempsey

Mentorship 101
Saturday, September 10 · 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

MAWA has been a pioneer in the field of arts mentorship for the past 27 years.

We will explore what is mentorship, what makes an effective mentorship program, 
sample structures, how to select good mentors, how to make effective pairings, ingredients of a productive mentorship, pitfalls and how to avoid them, managing expectations, negotiating conflict and closure. 

Led by experienced mentor and MAWA Co-ED Shawna Dempsey, this workshop is an excellent how-to for anyone considering setting up a mentorship program, anyone who will be mentoring, or anyone who works in peer-based arts education.

Cost: $50. 
Please register on-line at MAWA 
or e-mail by 4:00 pm, Thursday, September 8

Kenneth G. Howard & Martha Street Studio

Tuesday September 6, 7:00 pm in the Travel Alcove
Stories of Selkirk’s Pioneers and Their Heritage

Published in commemoration of Selkirk’s 125th anniversary, Stories of Selkirk’s Pioneers and Their Heritage contains the stories of over 100 members of Selkirk’s pioneer families, vignettes of Selkirk’s early years and hundreds of photos. 

Born and raised in Selkirk, author Ken Howard began an exploration of his own family’s genealogy, history and heritage following an inquiry from one of his grandsons. 

After writing the memoirs of his father, Louis George Howard, Howard found that his research had stirred memories of many friends and neighbours from the 1920s onward. 
This book is a true labour of love, recording the stories of generations of Selkirk residents and revealing the true fabric of the city.

Martha Street Studio
Tuesday September 6, 7:30 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant 

Group Show Small Works Gallery Opening

Martha Street Studio is a community-based production space, operated by the Manitoba Printmakers Association. 
This latest installment in McNally Robinson’s Small Works Gallery Series focuses on some of the emerging and master artists that work with the gallery on a regular basis. 

Join us for refreshments and a gallery opening during which some of the featured artists will discuss the work. 

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

Colette Vacations / Kay Alexander & Cendrine Marrouat

Wednesday  September 7, 3:00 pm in the Travel Alcove 
Travel Presentation

Join Colette Vacations and Bernice Stebbing for this special travel talk covering the Galapagos Islands. Find out more about this 2012 tour, which takes in Otavalo, 
The Andes Mountain Train and Quito. 
Please RSVP to Bernice by September 1 at 957-7786.

Wednesday September 7, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove. 

Kay Alexander, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, has spent most of her adult life working with youth in crisis and abused women. 
Kay’s poetry gives voice to those often “forgotten” in our society. 

Cendrine Marrouat was born in southern France. She is a freelance writer, reviewer
and blogger; the author of five collections of poetry and a spoken word album. 

Kay and Cendrine will be reading, as well as discussing their collaborative effort
Kip Programs, a service dedicated to empowering those in need through programs
that will provide necessary tools for success. 

A portion of the proceeds will be used to help finance KIP.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

August 29, 2011


Lo Pub, 330 Kennedy
Sunday, September 4 at 9:00 pm, sharp

Dance to your favorite DJ's - Fleur, Jonny Mexico, Pim, Nicole, Two Topping and guests - spinning all kinds of music: dancehall, funk, rock, hip hop, electro and dance anthems!

Just 5 bucks!!! 

Serving till 2:00 am! Dance till way later!

Cheap Back to School Drink specials!
Everyone welcome, so bring all your friends!!

YA fiction writing with Anita Daher

Through the Looking Glass
Wednesday, September 28 to November 23 
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Aqua Books, 274 Garry St, Winnipeg, MB

Yes, this course will continue despite the impending closure of Aqua Books. 
We will relocate to another central location if and when necessary. Thanks!

Cost: $225 ($200 before September 1) 
To register contact Aqua Books or call 943-7555.  
The workshop is limited to 12 people. 
Bring a notebook and pen, and/or a laptop.  You will benefit from at least having a beginning, and an idea of the book you think you will write.

Anita Daher leads you on a  journey designed to further your teen novel-in-progress. 
In-depth information about writing for teens, and the children’s writing and publishing industry in Canada.  The focus will be on craft with exercises, assignments, workshopping, and at the end - a party!

Anita Daher has been in the book publishing industry for more than fifteen years. She feels “place” infuses her writing, and is grateful to have lived in communities like Summerside, PEI, Moose Jaw, SK, Churchill, MB, Baker Lake, NU, and Yellowknife, NT. 
Her short stories have appeared in Prairie Fire, and she is author of seven youth novels, including Spider’s Song, and Racing for Diamonds (both 2006). 

She has led workshops across the country, and has been a popular presenter at conferences and festivals. Anita edits novels for Great Plains Teen Fiction.

August 28, 2011

Bye, Bye, MSOS & Aqua Books by Margaret Ullrich

Maybe there's something in the air.

On July 31, The Manitoba Society of Seniors shut its doors.
The MSOS, a non-profit organization, had been in Manitoba for over 30 years. 

MSOS members paid an annual fee of $20; $30 for a household. 
In return they received free personal income tax preparation, the monthly Journal, 
Fifty and Beyond, as well as recreation and travel discounts. 

Now if one was over 50 and wanted those items, that seemed fair.
But, if one didn't want those services, well, there are better ways to spend $30.

According to the MSOS, they represented the views of older Manitobans with 
government, the media, business and employer groups.

The Manitoba Society of Seniors' closing wasn't covered by the media.
So much for their media presence and contacts.
The only media that covered the MSOS ending was their journal, Fifty and Beyond.
A stack of F & B was at the Winnipeg Free Press building, along with the free weeklies.
I don't know where or how else a non-member would have heard of their news.
I googled.

Fifty and Beyond's editor, Andrea Geary, had her own opinion of the MSOS ending. 
Her editorial was almost as good as Professor Hill's Trouble.
His show-stopping solo from the musical The Music Man

Yep, we've got trouble, right here in River City.
Nobody is going  to speak up for us poor defenseless Boomers.
She made it sound like we're losing the vote.
According to Andrea, we're now invisible.

Andrea pointed out that the over-50 crowd is growing.
Well, duh.
And the board members of MSOS had expected every Boomer to join the MSOS.
Yet, their numbers have steadily fallen over the years.

Well, Andrea knows what's wrong with the "younger seniors".
We don't know we're getting old.
We're not joiners.
We lack a community spirit.

Yeah, right.
Maybe we can do our own taxes and don't want to go on their tours.

When McDonald's tries a new product and it doesn't sell, the folks at Micky D 
don't call customers names.
They just stop selling that product.

The customer is always right.

Speaking of customers...
On August 11, after being in business a dozen years, Kelly Hughes announced 
he was shutting Aqua Books' doors.

Aqua Books is a secondhand bookstore / restaurant / you name it.
Music, classes, yoga, plays.
It was almost guaranteed there was something for everybody.

According to Kelly's e-mail, Smart phones, Facebook, and the internet are all 
part of what has replaced reading time. 
I won't beat it to death, but it's an irreversible change in people's habits. 
Technology is making people read books less.
Yeah, he spread the word through an e-mail.
Ironic, eh?

News of Aqua Books' Closing hit all the media.
Radio, newspapers, television, the internet.
Pro and con. 
Some folks did say they were going to miss Aqua for a read or a feed.

But others had a different view on why Kelly's store had failed.
Along with comments on changing times, some got quite specific.
Everything from overpriced books and meals to the staff's attitude was covered.

Then there was Mr. Hughes himself.
One person posted a link to Kelly's blog.
Some had found Hughes humorous.
Some didn't.

The customer is always right.

August 27, 2011


DJ Co-op and DJ Hunnicutt present the 9th Annual FUNK BOAT!

MS River Rouge
Saturday, September 3 
Boarding begins at 10:30 pm SHARP
Cruise from 11:00 pm - 2:00 am

with guest DJ 5 o'clock Charlie

Tickets: $15 + fees
Advance tickets STRONGLY recommended!

Tickets available at:
The Urban Bakery, 398 Portage Ave
(204) 947-2664

Music Trader, 97 Osborne St
(204) 475-0077

More tickets at the dock if available.

And don't forget: if you need a break from dancing, you can always kick it on 
the outdoor deck and watch our beautiful city float by. 

Manitoba Goddess Festival

Come join us outside of Matlock, Manitoba, September 2 to 5, for a weekend of 
spiritual exploration, play and community.

This year Manitoba Goddess Festival will be enveloped by the loving wings of Isis (Aset), Egyptian Creatrix Goddess of Life, Unconditional Love, Sexuality, Magic, Death and Rebirth, Healing, Knowledge, Protection and Motherhood.  

Returning this year will be the Aurora Borealis Healing Tent for soothing the soul,
the Hearth Market, and the Goddess Temple, with a pyramid shape! 

Workshops and performances will include: Tribal and Egyptian bellydance, fire spinning, drumming, Qigong, Tantric exploration, spirit circles, the magic and mystery of Isis as well as a performance extravaganza and dance party Sunday night. 

We are honored to be able to welcome the addition of a Rainbow Sweat Lodge on Saturday night.  
Come and create with us! 

We welcome all questions, comments, suggestions, inquiries or simple greetings! 

August 26, 2011

Tazzy's Angels Are Back!!

Friday, September 2  8 pm  

After being named 2010 Best of Fest, Tazzy's Angels returned for the 2011 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, with Big Daddy Tazz hosting this unique comedy showcase at Aqua which features three of Winnipeg’s top female comedians: Chantel Marostica, Heather Witherden and Aisha Alfa.

Beauty is on the Inside

The Gentle Barn hosted a great group of kids from the Children's Burn Foundation.  
The physical scars from these traumas are often visible on their faces, arms and legs, 
but the emotional scars from the horror of how they were hurt are buried deep inside.

We started the tour with the story of our horse, Prince Charming, who was unwanted because of his swollen knees, swayed back, rotten teeth and overall appearance. He had scars all over his body because of the abuse and fights he had been in. We told them how we were delighted with him because we saw that he was perfect just the way he was. His body and what he had been through is not who he is. He is the beauty within him that shines through him, and it is perfect and beautiful. We told the kids how much we love this sweet horse and how we will treasure him till the end of time.  

We explained that it was hard for Charming to trust our love at first because he did not believe it and he did not want to accept it. It took us a year of hard, patient work, but he finally accepted our love and affection and trusted it.  The kids' faces and attentiveness made it clear that they were moved by Prince Charming's story. 

After talking a bit, we spent the day hugging the cows, feeding carrots to Prince Charming, giving pigs tummy rubs, cuddling turkeys, and playing with the goats and sheep.  We ended the day by giving Prince Charming a bubble bath.  Over the course of the day, as the kids relaxed, their stories started to surface.  Some of their stories would make the most hardened person weep. 

We fell in love with these kids and hope they come back to see us.  
They are heroes to us and we can't wait to see them again. 

When you sponsor an animal at The Gentle Barn, you get a picture of that animal, their written story, and email updates.  
You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to their care. 
We can't do it without you!

Visit The Gentle Barn's Virtual Barnyard to sponsor an animal!  

August 25, 2011

Help Us Stuff It!

Wednesday, August 31  1:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Ka Ni Kanichihk, 455 McDermot Ave.

We need your help to assemble 600 toolkits.
We have about 8400 pieces to put into folders. 
So we're helping to organize a 'stuffing party'. 
Feel free to drop in for 30 minutes or 3 hours!

IWGS has been honored to partner with Bernadette Smith and Ka Ni Kanichihk on the creation of "A Toolkit for Families of Missing Persons and Persons at Risk".  

This toolkit has been guided by the vision of Bernadette Smith, and is grounded in the experiences of families with missing and murdered loved ones.
It is intended to provide information to families when a loved one first disappears. 

With the support of Nahanni Fontaine and the MB task force on missing and murdered Aboriginal women, this toolkit will be distributed to law enforcement agencies and community service providers across the province.
Families will be supported in person and online through Ka Ni's Medicine Bear Program.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Bonnie Tulloch & Frances Greenslade

Bonnie Tulloch: Choosing Perennials and Fall Containers 
Wednesday August 31, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove 

This is the sixth installment in McNally and the Prairie Garden Committee’s series of Gardening Information Talks, taking place the last Wednesday of each month.

Frances Greenslade 
Thursday, September 1 · 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

A spellbinding and wise coming-of-age story, Shelter draws readers into the precarious world of two young sisters in search of their mother, and brings to life a breathtaking British Columbia landscape.

Frances Greenslade has a BA in English from the University of Winnipeg and an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC. Her first book, a travel memoir called A Pilgrim in Ireland: A Quest for Home, won the Saskatchewan Book Award for Non-Fiction. Her second memoir, By the Secret Ladder: A Mother’s Initiation, was published in 2007. 
Frances teaches English at Okanagan College in Penticton, BC.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

August 24, 2011

Marijosée & Sarah MacDougall w/ Marcel Desilets

Tuesday, August 30   8 pm  

Marijosée was born with music tumbling in her soul. 
As a former member of the female percussionist ensemble Insisto, her music has since transformed into polyrhythm. 
Marijosée’s first EP, Rebondir, puts forth a strong sexy voice, playful melodies, lots of rhythm, subtle touches of jazz and tons of talent.

Wednesday, August 31   8 pm  

Sarah MacDougall is a rising star on the Canadian Folk Music scene with her dynamite songs and astounding voice. She has been topping major music writers lists as a songwriter with her official debut album Across the Atlantic. Her new full-length release 
is The Greatest Ones Alive.

Marcel Desilets has blended folk, rythym and poetry over thirty-five years to provide a unique listening experience. Marcel adds to his poetic sense of lyric a beautiful touch on guitar, giving way to original songs.

Thief River Falls Model Railroad Club's Show

T.R.F. Model Railroad Club 19th Annual Train & Hobby Show 
at the Huck Olson Arena, Thief River Falls, on Hwy 59, east of Hwy 32, on 
Saturday, September 24 (9 am – 5 pm)  
Sunday, September 25 (10 am – 5 pm) 

Admission is $3 per person 
Children 12 and under admitted FREE with an adult.

For information on the show and on special motel rates, 
contact Chuck Kimbrough, phone (218) 681-4251 

Clubs or vendors interested in participating, please contact Chuck Kimbrough 

When in Thief River Falls, be sure to drop by A & E Railroad, Highway 32 South Thief River Falls, and check out their fantastic assortment of trains and model railroad equipment.  The prices are really good.  While there, say hi to Chuck!

August 23, 2011

Free Community Design Help!

During Culture Days 2011, BridgmanCollaborative Architecture and Culture Days Manitoba are presenting Community Design Centre.

Two-hour consultations, free, for groups, on project development, including needs assessment, funding and design strategies. 

For questions and application form, email BridgmanCollaborative Architecture 
or call 204.488.3857.
Return form by email with subject heading “Community Design Centre Application.”
By mail post-marked by Aug 29 or hand-delivered by Sept 9 to: 
BridgmanCollaborative Architecture, 678 Main Street.

Selected groups will be contacted to schedule a consultation on Friday, Sept 30 or Saturday, Oct 1.  Only accepted applications will be contacted.

Nuit Blanche

Back by popular demand, Nuit Blanche is Culture Days by night.   

On October 1, from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am, Winnipeg streets will be wide-awake, from galleries to cutting-edge artists, light and sound in unexpected spaces, inside and out.  

The Nuit Blanche triangle includes: The Exchange, St. Boniface & Memorial/Colony.  


From Paris to Berlin from Tel Aviv to Toronto, this nighttime contemporary art event 
has taken the world by storm.  

Are you an artist, musician, designer, or creator with an idea for Nuit Blanche? 
Do you have a venue to offer for the night of October 1? 
Would you like to volunteer?  

Email Culture Days or call 204.942.8221

August 22, 2011


Diamonds And Dirt Rocks!!
Sunday, August 28 · 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Ryall Park, Carman, Manitoba

Diamonds And Dirt, a dynamic, seven-member Country Rock band, 
playing a variety of cover and original songs. 

Their energetic show and blend of female and male vocals is 
definitely a great band to come out and see!

Classic Rock & Roll and Country.
Bring your own lawnchair & your dancing shoes!

For more information, call Golden Prairie Arts Council @ 745-6568.

Happy Birthday, Gentle Barn!!

The Gentle Barn is celebrating its 12th year anniversary on Sunday, August 28, 
from 10 am - 2 pm! 
We will have music, great vegan food and of course all our happy animals here to love and tell their stories. 
It has been a very successful 12 years; we have worked hard, saved thousands of animals and healed thousands of kids. 

We are grateful for all our devoted volunteers, our dedicated staff, and all of you who support our work and keep us strong and successful. 
We hope you all come out and celebrate with us!

The Gentle Barn has been nominated for "Favorite Farmed Animal Sanctuary" in the 2011 Veggie Awards, the world's largest survey of vegan people, places, and products. 

Please vote for The Gentle Barn and you will get a chance to win fabulous prize packages including an all-expense-paid vegan cruise, a vegan dessert party, a Vitamix, a one-year supply of ice cream, and more. 

The polls close August 31 at midnight, and winners will be announced in the November+December holiday edition of VegNews.  

August 21, 2011

A Down Dirty Showcase

Saturday, August 27 · 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Prince Albert Arts Center
Admission is $10 at the door
Doors will open at 5:00 pm

Cheap Luxury: 6:00 - 7:00 pm
The Matt Remenda Ensemble: 7:00 - 8:30 pm
The Dirty Bandits: 8:30 - 10:00 pm

If you are sensitive to loud noises, please bring your own sound dampening materials.

Matlock Festival of Music, Art and Nature 2011

Saturday, August 27 at 9:00 am to Sunday, August 28 at 6:00 pm

Matlock Festival is a grassroots, non profit, community-based organization whose mission is to connect people and build community through art, music and nature, and to model sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

Tickets $30 for Saturday / $20 for Sunday / $45 for the weekend 
low income and family rates available. Tickets will be at taylor pharmacy in gimli, 
wolsely wardrobe in winnipeg, and at the whytewold store in whytewold. 

Master accordian player luciano armettit, kate ferris, raizen band, zoppa, sebastian owl, phoebe mann-taiko drummer, keith dyck, kirtan, morning gospel, rainbow harmony choir, inna riddim, the frog ponders, bearcat otters, croft lake, wpg writers and more.

Volunteers: please send email to Matlock Festival or call 204-642-2452

CBC Screens WFG Shorts

Short Shots on CBC Manitoba
Saturday, August 27 · 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Hosted by Winnipeg actor Michael Bell and produced by Brendon Sawatzky 
(Inferno Pictures) and Joe Loewen (Exposure Film). 

Featuring the following nine made-in-Manitoba short films:

Courtship directed by Alison Davis
Disintegrating relationships leave only images behind. This watercolour animation is based on old photographs of the filmmaker’s grandparents and the decline they foreshadow.

Roof Jumpers directed by Reiner Bello-Sànchez
After Johnny jumps off the school roof, his younger brother Peter has to decide if he is going to jump, too. 

Barber Gull Rub directed by Matthew Rankin
A perfervid “docu-fantasia” about a historical incident in the life of Winnipeg Cinematheque programmer, Dave Barber. 

Souvenirs: Waiting for the Parade directed by Paula Kelly
The 75th anniversary celebration of Winnipeg in 1948 is transformed into a discourse on the city’s shifting identities through decades of progress and regress, cynicism and hope. 

Canoe directed by Shelagh Carter & Deborah Schnitzer  
The anguish a middle-aged woman endures as she contemplates a decision that might end her own life and that of her husband who suffers an incurable illness.  

Cattle Call directed by Mike Maryniuk & Matthew Rankin
A high-speed, dazzlingly absurd, animated documentary about the art of livestock auctioneering which uses a variety of classic and avant-garde animation techniques. 

Empty directed by Jackie Traverse
Set to music by Little Hawk, this animated and starkly honest story is a daughter’s tribute to her estranged mother. 

yaya/ayat directed by shimby zegeye-gebrehiwot
An exploration of identities being lost in translation and distance through the eyes of a young woman. 

Devil on Commission directed by David S. Evans 
After succumbing to a fatal fall while changing a shower curtain, Hugh really wants to get to Heaven. Unfortunately, the wait might simply be too long.

For more information please contact Monica Lowe
(204) 925-3452 

August 20, 2011

Benefit Concert For Africa

The Lyric Theatre, Assinoboine Park
Sunday, August 28 · 4:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Brothers Rana and Syed Bokhari have planned a benefit concert.
Join them at a "CONCERT FOR AFRICA" 
**Sponsored by Hot 103** 

The world is dealing with one of the most devastating humanitarian crisis we have seen in a very long time.  Step up Winnipeg and show your support! 

Come out and enjoy music by DJ Co-Op, Flo, Manitoba's own R&B phenomenon, as well as the lead singer of Magnum KI, Ismaila Alfa, The Black Out City Kids and After Party!
Other entertainment including dancers and drummers....and much more! 

Thank you to all of these bands for donating their time!

100% of donations to MCC, who will be onsite to collect all donations.

Volunteers needed to help out that day!
Also sponsors and acts! 
If you want to be a part of this event
Call 951-0150 or email Rana 
Call 619-1934 or email Syed 

Listen for more details on Hot 103! 

Hot 103 Ace Burpee & Amber Saleem
SOUNDART for donating all the sound equipment (Peter Petrovich)
UMSU (Stage Sponsors)
Larry Vickar & Vickar Community Chevrolet
Sierra Leone Refugee Resettlement Inc.@ Peter Koroma (Stage sponsors)
Robson Hall Students (Volunteers)
Peak of The Market
Bob Axworthy, Inner City Junior Wesmen 
Lloyd Axworthy, President and Vice-Chancellor of U of W

If you are in Toronto and want to be a part of this event contact Ameera Ameerullah.
Huge thanks to Ameera for taking care of the Toronto part of this event!

The Neighbourhood Bookstore's Music Night

Every Thursday night, from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm, The Neighbourhood Bookstore and Cafe, 898 Westminster Avenue, plays host to wonderful music. 

Come by and enjoy the show while sipping your favourite coffee or tea. 

If you are a musician and are interested in playing, call The Neighbourhood Bookstore and Cafe at 772-0509 or email Rana.

Declaration of Voters' Rights!

Demand proportional representation!
Saturday, September 3 · 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Regardless of whether or not you are pleased with the Conservative party’s victory, we can agree that with 54.22% of the seats going to a party which garnered only 39.62% of the popular vote, not all Canadians are being represented. 

We need to push hard over the next four years to ensure that all Canadians are properly represented in future elections.

Join forces with Fair Vote Canada (FVC), a multi-partisan citizens’ campaign for voting system reform

Debate is very important!
Please be respectful and refrain from using abusive or offensive language. 

August 19, 2011

Sage Garden Herbs has garlic!!

Fall is the time to think garlic! 

Sage Garden Herbs has just posted the six varieties of certified organic seed, 
zone 3 hardy garlic available starting the third week of September.

This is the start of the garlic planting season in our region; 
garlic bulbs can be planted through October.

CAD $8.95

Pip Skid / Yy / Speed Dial 7 / DJ Co-op

The Lo Pub & Bistro
330 Kennedy St at Ellice Ave
Thursday, August 25 at 9:00 pm
Doors 10:00 pm
Cover $7 

MARATHON OF DOPE Summer 2011 showcase featuring live hip-hop performances by:

Pip Skid
Speed Dial 7
DJ Co-op

PLUS Special Guests:
Nestor Wynrush
The Gumshoe Strut

Crazy, right? All your favourite rappers in one room on a Thursday night!

Inner City Garden Tour

Thursday, August 25 · 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Join us for an amazing tour of beautiful Inner City Community Gardens! 

Kick off the night with snacks and a stroll around the Orioles Community Gardens, 
444 Burnell Street, before taking off on a bus or bike at 5:30 for a tour of several inner city community gardens.

It will be an evening of garden wisdom, inspiring stories, and a chance to see some of the incredible changes that come with greening a community! 
Strollers, kids and all welcome! 
Donations accepted at the door for the Community Gardens that we visit.

Gardens to be visited include: 
Orioles Community Garden, Winnipeg Central Mosque Garden, 
Hugh McDonald School Garden, Young Street Community Garden, 
Furby Community Garden, Broadway Neighbourhood Centre Garden 
and Edible Heritage Youth Garden on Westminster.

August 18, 2011

Ash Dickinson, Leif Norman & Andrea von Wichert

Spoken Word Trio Featuring Ash Dickinson
Upstairs at the King's Head Pub
Wednesday, August 24 · 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Multiple slam champ, Renaissance man and literary rock'n'roll genius from Great Britain, Ash Dickinson joins local spoken word performers Leif Norman and Andrea von Wichert for an evening of raucous, randy, and brain-tingling literary hijinks. 

$5 at the door.

Brilliantly surreal invention.. fabulous poems - Edinburgh Evening News

Sarah Laing

MAWA, 611 Main St
Wednesday, August 24 · 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Artist in Residence Sarah Laing will give an artist talk and reveal the wall drawing she has been creating in the MAWA store-front space.

She is interested in wall drawings because they have a finite existence – they are specific to the place they are created, and will be painted over and lost forever.

Sarah will create a wall drawing that responds to the geographical climate of her Manitoba surroundings while considering her recent locational moves. 

She is a Scottish artist who recently completed her MFA in the United States.
She will be returning to Scotland after her MAWA residency. 

Crafts Museum & Levi Morris

Wednesday August 24
7:00 pm in the Travel Alcove

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library invites all crafters to join in a casual and creative environment where you are encouraged to share your craft challenges and joys with skilled crafters from MCML. 

This evening features: 
fibre art from Tammy Sutherland
paper marbling & book binding from Janet Carroll
knitting from Alison Pattern

Levi Morris
Wednesday August 24
7:30 pm in the Atrium
United Spectrum: The Unity of Nature and the Division of Man

To understand the unbalanced planet, we must examine nature and humanity both individually and as a whole. 
United Spectrum investigates the universe’s unity and beauty, the reasons it’s misunderstood, and how this limited view affects the world. 

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll Free 1-800561-1833)

August 17, 2011

Are YOU an Election Issue?

We NEED your feedback!

What's going to make you vote in Manitoba on October 4?

Are you tired of people telling you what the issues are?

Do you feel that the priorities highlighted by political parties do not reflect your priorities?

Do you wish you could have a chance to ask about an issue that is important to you?


The University of Winnipeg Students' Association (UWSA) and the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies (IWGS) want to give you a chance to have your questions answered. 

Step 2: If someone posts a question that you like, "like" it!
Step 3: The UWSA will submit the questions that are asked/liked the most to political parties in Manitoba.
Step 4: The questions and answers will be published for all to see!

We'll be submitting questions to the parties on August 29!

Kevin Brown, Jimmy Greene, Karl Kohut & Curtis Nowosad

Aqua Books, 274 Gary Street
Tuesday, August 23 · 8:00 pm - 11:30 pm
A group lead by Haley Cook will open the evening's performance. 

Open to all ages
$10 admission
CDs will be available for $10

Chicago based fretless guitarist Kevin Brown returns home to perform with some of Winnipeg's finest musicians. 

The group will perform a variety of original material and a couple of Coltrane tunes. 
Come hear some new music that has been developing in the Chicago jazz community! 

Kevin Brown- Fretless Guitar
Jimmy Greene - Sax
Karl Kohut - Bass
Curtis Nowosad - Drums

Sarasvati Productions Blooms Into Season

The Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film
University of Winnipeg, 400 Colony Street
Tuesday, August 23 · 10:00 am - 11:00 am 

Join Sarasvati as we launch our 2011-2012 season of transformative theatre. 
We have a great season ahead of us, and we are going to have a great time presenting it to everyone. 

We will have a short presentation of upcoming works, followed by a reception in the lobby with complimentary coffee, tea, and cookies!

We are looking for volunteers! Email Sarasvati for more information or to sign up!

For more information contact: 
Terryn Shiells Marketing and Community Outreach Assistant  (204) 586-2236 

FemFest 2011: Staging Inspiration, our ninth annual theatre festival of plays by women for everyone, runs from September 17 to 24 at the Canwest Centre for Theatre and Film in Winnipeg. 

The vision for this year’s festival was to inspire with powerful theatrical work by women. 

We will open and closewith our cabarets showcasing female musicians, film-makers, visual artists and dancers. 

FemFest 2011 is excited to welcome artist-in-residence Zena Edwards from the U.K. 

Tickets: $10 per show or $50 for festival pass
To reserve tickets please call (204) 586-2236 
or email Sarasvati at least 24 hours prior to show time.