August 27, 2011

Manitoba Goddess Festival

Come join us outside of Matlock, Manitoba, September 2 to 5, for a weekend of 
spiritual exploration, play and community.

This year Manitoba Goddess Festival will be enveloped by the loving wings of Isis (Aset), Egyptian Creatrix Goddess of Life, Unconditional Love, Sexuality, Magic, Death and Rebirth, Healing, Knowledge, Protection and Motherhood.  

Returning this year will be the Aurora Borealis Healing Tent for soothing the soul,
the Hearth Market, and the Goddess Temple, with a pyramid shape! 

Workshops and performances will include: Tribal and Egyptian bellydance, fire spinning, drumming, Qigong, Tantric exploration, spirit circles, the magic and mystery of Isis as well as a performance extravaganza and dance party Sunday night. 

We are honored to be able to welcome the addition of a Rainbow Sweat Lodge on Saturday night.  
Come and create with us! 

We welcome all questions, comments, suggestions, inquiries or simple greetings! 

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