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August 7, 2011

Jazz / Persian Classical Concert

Saturday, August 13 · 8:00pm - 11:00pm
Winnipeg Art Gallery, 300 Memorial Blvd.

CFIC proudly presents a Jazz / Persian Classical Music Concert by the Gozar Ensemble, featuring Steve Kirby and Amber Epp. 

Gozar is a passage from the past to the future crossing the present, a passage as long as the history or as short as a fraction of a second. 
The present is as much rehearsed as it is improvised, like music, like life.

Sassan Mirkhani...... Founder, Artistic director, Composer, Arranger and Tar player
Nima Sadat-Tehrani... Composer, Arranger
Amir Parsa........... Vocal
Steve Kirby.......... Composer, Arranger, Bass player
Amber Epp............ Piano player

Tickets are $35
They can be purchased through:
CFIC 415-3969, Marzieh 509-4995, Allan 899-1347 

Or at the following locations:
- Arc Photography, 2993 Pembina Hwy, 261-7080
- Cottage Bakery, 1038 Pembina Hwy, 284-3602
- Tehran Market, 8B-1875 Pembina Hwy, 783-4726

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