August 21, 2011

CBC Screens WFG Shorts

Short Shots on CBC Manitoba
Saturday, August 27 · 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Hosted by Winnipeg actor Michael Bell and produced by Brendon Sawatzky 
(Inferno Pictures) and Joe Loewen (Exposure Film). 

Featuring the following nine made-in-Manitoba short films:

Courtship directed by Alison Davis
Disintegrating relationships leave only images behind. This watercolour animation is based on old photographs of the filmmaker’s grandparents and the decline they foreshadow.

Roof Jumpers directed by Reiner Bello-Sànchez
After Johnny jumps off the school roof, his younger brother Peter has to decide if he is going to jump, too. 

Barber Gull Rub directed by Matthew Rankin
A perfervid “docu-fantasia” about a historical incident in the life of Winnipeg Cinematheque programmer, Dave Barber. 

Souvenirs: Waiting for the Parade directed by Paula Kelly
The 75th anniversary celebration of Winnipeg in 1948 is transformed into a discourse on the city’s shifting identities through decades of progress and regress, cynicism and hope. 

Canoe directed by Shelagh Carter & Deborah Schnitzer  
The anguish a middle-aged woman endures as she contemplates a decision that might end her own life and that of her husband who suffers an incurable illness.  

Cattle Call directed by Mike Maryniuk & Matthew Rankin
A high-speed, dazzlingly absurd, animated documentary about the art of livestock auctioneering which uses a variety of classic and avant-garde animation techniques. 

Empty directed by Jackie Traverse
Set to music by Little Hawk, this animated and starkly honest story is a daughter’s tribute to her estranged mother. 

yaya/ayat directed by shimby zegeye-gebrehiwot
An exploration of identities being lost in translation and distance through the eyes of a young woman. 

Devil on Commission directed by David S. Evans 
After succumbing to a fatal fall while changing a shower curtain, Hugh really wants to get to Heaven. Unfortunately, the wait might simply be too long.

For more information please contact Monica Lowe
(204) 925-3452 

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