February 18, 2010

See the Award Winning The Bicycle Lesson by Paul Ullrich

Paul Ullrich's The Bicycle Lesson has been chosen to receive the Award of Excellence in Filmmaking at ' The 2010 Canada International Film Festival'. The Festival will take place March 19 to 21, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.

Although Paul's film is not being screened, it was judged to be among the very best of the hundreds of films submitted from over 30 countries and deserving of special recognition. Only a maximum of 10 films per competition category are selected to be honored with this prestigious award.

This year they will be screening 27 films at the festival. The film screenings will take place at the Stadium Club Theater in the beautiful Edgewater Casino in downtown Vancouver.

Really want to see The Bicycle Lesson? Like right now. No problem. Grab some popcorn, clickhere and enjoy.

What's The Bicycle Lesson about? It's based on Paul's childhood friend's disastrous first bicycle lesson, given by Carl's older siblings.

The lesson begins on top of a hill. Without preparing the bike properly - the seat is too high and a training wheel is loose - Willy places five-year-old Carl on the bike. Their sister points out the problems. The pair argue while Carl rolls down the hill. Carl can't reach the pedals to stop the bike as it careens wildly towards a lobster fisherman and the harbour.

The Bicycle Lesson has been screened at:

'South Beach International Animation Festival' | Miami, Florida | March 2009

'Danville International Children's Film Festival' | Danville, California | May 2009

Black Women's Festival of Art and Culture / Kids' shorts program | Winnipeg, MB | May 2009

Out of My Head | Winnipeg, MB | June 2009

'International Bike Shorts' as part of 'Bike Shorts Film Festival' | Winnipeg, MB | October 2009

The Get Animated Film Festival | Winnipeg, MB | October 2009

'The 2009 Silver Wave Film Festival' | Fredericton, NB | November 2009

'The Sharp Cuts Indie Film and Music Festival' | Guelph, ON | November 2009

'Giggleshorts International Comedy Short Film Festival' | Toronto, ON | November 2009

Also, check out 'The Canadian International Annual Film and Video Festival' awards page. Paul got one star for The Bicycle Lesson.

To learn more about Paul Ullrich, click here.
You can also read more about The Bicycle Lesson, as well as Paul's other animatedcartoons.

Have a great weekend. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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