August 24, 2010

Kelly Hughes Live! On the Barge

As part of The Forks River Barge Festival, on Wednesday, August 25 and Thursday, August 26 at 3:00 p. m., Winnipeg's only live talk show, Kelly Hughes Live! will bring you everything you've come to expect from a television talk show: comedy, music and celebrities. 

The only difference is that  - with the exception of a few ringers like Kids in the Hall's Kevin McDonald and Hugo-nominated writer Nick DiChario - it's all local heroes.  

On Wednesday host Kelly Hughes will interview Vancouver comic Sam Easton, who has been doing movies and TV, including 5 episodes of The L Word.  There'll be music by Jaxon Haldane of the D.Rangers.

On Thursday Kelly will be bringing you Arts Ambassadors Michael Van Rooy and Debbie Patterson, with music by Ben Wytinck.  Michael Van Rooy has written 3 books in the critically acclaimed Monty Haaviko thriller series set in Winnipeg.  Debbie Patterson is a Winnipeg playwright, director, actor and a founding member of Shakespeare in the Ruins (SIR).  Silky-voiced Ben Wytinck will play what he calls Bluegrazz (Bluegrass and Jazz). 

Other guests like Tina Keeper, Fred Penner, Al Simmons, Brian Glow, Margaret Sweatman and Robert Enright will be joined onstage by stellar Winnipeg musicians The Paperbacks, Todd Hunter, Ingrid Gatin and Rollin Penner and the Traveling Medicine Show. 

Bookstore Owner Kelly Hughes has worked as an actor (Pacific Theatre), a pre-teen TV star (Let's Go!), an arts administrator (Winnipeg Cultural Alliance), and an operations manager (WHERE Winnipeg). He founded Aqua Books a decade ago, and is writer of This Week at Aqua Books. 

Have a great day.  How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!


  1. What a great blog you have, Margaret! I'm glad to have found it via a comment you made on Anita's FB page. Gotta love the way social media connects us all.

    I've now added your blog as a favourite on my own blog, and invite you to come and visit at:

    I may not write a lot about Winnipeg, but I do write much about Manitoba - and chocolate! (My next book will be about chocolate and travel.) Please join the tribe - and the conversation.

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  2. Thank you, Doreen. I enjoy providing another outlet for people to know about what is going on in our city.

    It is amazing how the new technology connects us all.

    I shall add your blog and visit you, too. All the best with your next book.

    Thanks again,