December 2, 2010

Connecticut Handiworks

We are Mary Ellen and Jimmy Halloran, and we offer you only the best items produced, designed and created in Connecticut by local farmers, handcrafters and artists.

Once we conceived the idea for our online store we began looking for products that we thought our customers would appreciate and enjoy.  We did not have to look far.  We had a sense that we were surrounded by extremely talented neighbors, but we had no idea that we were about to uncover so wide a range of products.  In the process of working with our vendors to place their items on our online shelves, they have become our friends.

The vendors whose works are offered here take pride in their specialties.  Many sell their wares only at local fairs and farmers' markets.  You now have the opportunity to enjoy these unique products through our online store!

Email us at continually adds to its array of products.  It's the perfect place to visit when you're looking for a special gift or when you just feel like browsing on the Internet. There's something here for everyone.

When local products are not available to you, our own local artisans can fulfill your shopping needs with a click of a button.

Think of us first when you're looking for a wide selection of products made with care and creativity!

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