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May 14, 2014

St. Norbert Farmers’ Market l Lindsey Walker l The Rise and Fall of God l NAYSA l Gutsy Walk For Crohn's and Colitis l [Homo]Phonic l Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition

May 24 8:00 am - 3:00 pm
(204) 275-8349
3514 Pembina Highway, St. Norbert, MB, Canada

Every Saturday morning for the past 26 years, Manitoba’s farm families have loaded up their vehicles with farm fresh fruit, flowers, meats and vegetables.

The Edge Gallery and Urban Art Centre, 611 Main Street
May 24, 7:00 pm, show at 7:30 pm   $10 at the door
Lindsey Walker will be stopping in Winnipeg, her old stomping ground!
Come by and say hello, and see what Lindsey has been up to!
May 27, Doors at 8:30, Show at 9 pm   $7 at the door
Open City Cinema presents Everything is Terrible's
 "THE RISE AND FALL OF GOD" with Mike Maryniuk's "Stay Positive"

a FUNdraiser for the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival!
Join us for an evening of deep spiritual reflection as we examine the apocalypse, eternal punishment, images of the divine in everything from snack food to slop buckets.

May 28, 8:00 pm
Union Sound Hall, 110 Market Avenue
$5 gets you in to the show.
$55 gets you an early bird pass (includes camping!) to the Rainbow Trout Music Festival. 

The first show at Union Soundhall features NAYSA, Kipp Kocay and Employee of the Month.

In addition to the three-day festival in August, RTMF will be celebrating local music throughout a series of shows.

With over 125 artists applying to play this year’s fest, it was impossible for every incredible artist to take the stage during the weekend. Now you can pick up your tickets to RTMF and catch some juicy acts each month leading up to the festival!!


This walk raises funds for research that leads to better treatments and brings us closer to a cure every day.  
Crohn’s Disease affects over 129,000 people across Canada, with over 5,700 new cases diagnosed every year.  It is more than twice as common as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, and just as common as diabetes or epilepsy.  
People with Crohn’s face life with debilitating physical symptoms, social stigma, and mental health concerns.  Risk of premature death is 47% higher than that of the general public. 

It’s time to overcome the stigma of living with Crohn’s, and raise awareness. 

May 29, 7:00 pm
Fitzroy Restaurant, 102 Sherbrook Street

Homophone: a word having the same sound as another, but of different meaning.
Homophonic: characterized by moment of all parts to the same melody; in unison.

We chose 8 of our favourite photographers and gave them each a homophone as a conceptual basis to their work. Pairing these works with poetry, we are putting selected parts of the 3rd Issue  of Rip/Torn right on the wall for you to see.

See new black and white photographs by Creature Haunts, Scott Leroux, Ian Johnson, Meg Kroeker, Meganelizabeth Diamond, Nic Adamson, Warren Humeny, Zoe O'Brien-Moran. Poetry by Andrew Eastman and Marika Prokosh.  MUSIC BY SELCI!

May 29 to May 30 at 8:00 PM
Tom Hendry (Warehouse) Theatre, Rupert & Lily
Advance Tickets: $10.00 Regular $8.00 Students
(Available at MAP 503-100 Arthur St. - Phone: 942-8941) 
At The Door: $15.00 Regular $10.00 Students

The 14th Annual Scirocco Drama Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition

Marcus Schneider  “A Parable of Pagans”
Ecole Selkirk Junior High, Directed by Tatiana Carnevale

Richelle Burchill “It’s Definitely About The Keys”
Westgate Mennonite Collegiate, Directed by Jane Walker

Sarah Luby “Our Name”
Vincent Massey Collegiate, Directed by Rick Caslake

Keira Hasenack “Forsaken Love”
St. Mary’s Academy, Directed by Kendra Jones

Isabella Fiorentino “Train To Nowhere In Particular”
St. Mary’s Academy, Directed by Megan Andres

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