July 3, 2014

2014 Winnipeg Fringe: PUSS IN BOOTS l Little Red l Godspell l GOD l SPEECHLESS l only just.. l Substitute Teacher from Hell

July 17 - July 27
VENUE 4 - ALLOWAY HALL (Manitoba Museum)
Tickets Available $10.00 l DOOR DISCOUNT: $5.00 for Kids 12 & under, Fringe Volunteers
"2 FOR 10" SPECIAL: All tickets just $5 on JULY 22!
GROUP RATES are available for 10 or more! To arrange call 204-415-2714

Geared for ages 3 and up
From the producer that brought you Cinderella, Snow White, Brothers Grimm, and Ming Lee.  Merlyn Productions presents PUSS IN BOOTS!

Stage Managed by ERICA WILSON
Costume design by JENN HARDER
Adapted by Noah Smith
Directed by John Chase

This comical adaptation of the Charles Perrault story stays true to the ideas of the classic TAIL, with plenty of new laughs for the whole family!
Every young play-goer helps defeat the town ogre before a poor miller's son can marry his princess - all masterminded by a talking cat, of course!

July 17 - July 27
The Playhouse Studio
Bananafish Theatre presents Little Red 
Old story, new play. 
Join us for tea & maybe scones.

kristen einarson + victoria hill + justin otto + eric rae + liz whitbread

July 16 - July 27
Prairie Theatre Exchange in Portage Place

Winnipeg Studio Theatre's young company presents the revival of Godspell.

Jesus:Robert Piche
John/Judas: Sam Plett
Ensemble: Jennifer Garcia, Jacqueline Harding, Adrian Pecold, Wes Rambo, 
Emma Stefanchuk and Haley Vincent
Director: Tatiana Carnevale
Musical director - Paul De Gurse
Associate Musical Director - Elliot Lazar
Choreographer - Reanna Joseph
Designer - Ksenia Broda-Milian

Godspell has been hailed as one of the biggest Broadway successes of all time. A timeless tale of friendship, loyalty, and love that has touched the hearts of countless theatregoers.

July 16 - July 26
Alloway Hall
GOD - a world where the actors, writers and audience collide in a cocktail that is equal parts ridiculous, profound, farcical and dramatic. Served with a twist only Woody Allen could concoct.  “This is a serious play with a message,” his character cries. Woody answers back with a bolt of lightning, a Greek Chorus and the joke of jokes: “Is there a God?” 

Featuring: Quinn Greene, Andrew Lizotte, Ava Darrach-Gagnon, Logan Stefanson, 
Jesse Boulet, Tim Gray, Dan Grant, Jessina Cheffins, Jennifer Hooper, David Fox 
and Mark Finnbogason
Directed by Natalie and Emma Dacquisto
Stage Manager Laurie McDonell

July 16 - July 26
Venue #21, Shaw Performing Arts Centre (MTYP), 2 Forks Market Road
Mama Cutsworth (Winnipeg, Canada) with Felipe Ortiz and Daniel Orrantia (Bogotá, Colombia) bring you SPEECHLESS: beautiful, surreal, long-form improv with NO WORDS.

July 17 - July 27
Venue #4 Alloway Hall (Manitoba Museum)
Tickets: $10 / Discount Tickets: $9 (Students, Seniors, Fringe Performers)
Parental Guidance: Language, Sexual Content
Length: 75 minutes
only just… By Megan Andres

Once upon a time…they lived happily ever after...  Isaac always thought he knew how his story should go. Now it seems he has all the pieces in place to make life and love turn out as they should. But sometimes "ideal" and "real" are two very different worlds. 

Jeremy Rampton 
Tim Gray
Megan Andres
Natashia Durand
Directed by: Chris Johnson
Stage Manager: Daniel J. Tompkins
Assistant Stage Manager: Kara Pankiw

July 16 - July 26
Red River College - Exchange District Campus, 160 Princess Street
$10 l $8 for Matinees l 45 minutes
Coarse Language, Not recommended for anyone under 14

Ghost Monkey Productions invites you to Substitute Teacher from Hell
You know those people who continually knock you down, and question your way of life? Have you ever wanted to punch them? 
Meet Jude Beecher, Substitute Teacher, who knows exactly what that's like. Jude wants to save the world, but can she save herself from the terror and insanity that is high school?

Vicki Rutkowski - Jude Beecher
Erin Essery - Director 
Crystal Staryk - Stage Manager

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