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September 17, 2019

Happy 10th Anniversary to us!! - Margaret Ullrich

Happy Tenth Birthday to Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate and its readers!!
Ten years!!! Wow!!! We’ve reached a milestone!!

I want to thank each of you for visiting, whether it's been on a daily, weekly or occasional basis during the past ten years!
Also, 'thank you' to those who've told their friends to visit!

Doing this blog has shown me how our world is becoming so much smaller, thanks to the internet. I'm always amazed when I learn where you live. 

When I started this blog in 2009, Canada was always the number one country for visitors. Well, that changed a few years ago. 
People from the United States are still the top visitors. 
Maybe it's due to our dollar's value.
I hope it’s meant that folks in the states are curious about what we have here in Winnipeg, and that they have been inspired to come for a vacation, or at least to come up to see a show or to take part in an event.
Folks in the states know that they can get a great bang for their vacation buck in Canada.

Germany, Russia and the Ukraine are among the top five countries.
Hope they are coming to Winnipeg and enjoying a lot of great events here, too.
The Philippines is still one of the top ten visiting countries.
I’m not surprised - Winnipeg has a large, vibrant Philippine community.
Maybe people have decided to see a few shows while visiting family and friends.

Over the years there have been over 430,000 visitors!
The top ten countries and their visitors are:
United States……….. 122,232
Canada……………………. 89,566
Germany……..…………. 61,687
Russia…………..………… 39,311
Ukraine.…………..…….. 15,981
France……………….……. 14,808
Philippines…………….….  5,560
United Kingdom….……. 4,778
Unknown Region..….… 3,320
China………………….…….. 3,249

The newest change this past year is visitors from ‘Unknown Region’, which has bumped Japan from the list.
I don't know where these unknown visitors live.
Oh, well, I wish a hello to you, wherever you call home.

During the years there have also been visitors from Moldova, Turkey, Ireland, Australia,  
Singapore, Taiwan, Argentina, Denmark, Eritrea, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, 
Macedonia (FYROM), Mexico, Afghanistan, Thailand, Slovakia, India, Bangladesh, Israel, 
Malaysia, Kuwait, Greece, Kenya, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, 
United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Armenia, Belarus, Namibia, Honduras, Slovenia, Lithuania,  
Indonesia, Turkmenistan, Cambodia, Switzerland, Czechia, Bermuda, Portugal, Qatar, 
Brazil, Egypt, Chile and Poland.

Sometimes there has been a surge of visits from a country.
During the past week there have been 1,233 visits from Sweden.
I have no idea why such surges in visits happen.
Whatever the reason, I'm so glad each of you stopped by for a look.
Thank you for taking an interest in events happening here in Winnipeg!

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I do pay attention to which posts get the most visits.
Music posts - especially those with links to websites - interest most people.
I hope you’re enjoying hearing the music from our up-and-coming musicians!
I’ll continue posting more of those, and similar, events.

Please take a moment and comment when an event or personality interests you.
Local artists do check when they’re in the media and they love the feedback.

Once again, thank you so much for visiting!
As I said when Sophie and I signed off our weekly show...
Have a great weekend. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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