January 9, 2015

Get Noticed: Pitching Your Story to the Winnipeg Free Press l Big Fun Festival l Sign Virginia's Equal Rights Petition

January 28 - January 29
ACI Manitoba Inc., 300 - 245 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0S6
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Getting press coverage can be a tricky process. Julie Carl, Deputy Editor at the Winnipeg Free Press, will demystify the process and talk about how the Free Press makes its editorial decisions. Julie will give you practical information to make your next press release get noticed, including when and how to send a press release and what a good press release looks like.  A question and answer period will follow Julie’s presentation.

Big Fun Festival  Program Information

January 28, Doors at 7:15  Music at 8:00
The Ballroom 218 Roslyn Rd.
Tickets $10 or with a Big Fun Festival Pass
Tickets available at Into the Music and Music Trader
All Ages
Andy Shauf, known for honest, self-reflective songs. 
Well Sister, formerly the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist of From Giants, Jaymie Friesen continues to use her music and poetic storytelling to tell of beauty.

January 29, Doors at 7:15  Music at 8:00
West End Cultural Centre, 586 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1Z8
$15 Advance tickets or with a Big Fun Festival Pass All Ages
Tickets available Into The Music, Music Trader , WECC

Operators, one of the most heavily buzzed bands this year featuring ex-Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs front man Dan Boeckner. 
Hana Lu lu - gliding synth arrangements with up tempo rhythm and pulsing bass lines. 
The Will to Power blends a mix of ethereal electronic soundscapes and new wave.

January 30, Doors @ 10:00 pm  Show @ 10:30 pm
Sherbrook Inn, 685 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 0Z4
$12 or with a Big Fun Festival Pass    18+ 
Music Trader, Into the Music and 
Season of Mist/New Damage recording artists. 
KEN mode is a JUNO award winning independent metal/hardcore band. 
Animal Lover, three piece noise rock band similar to The Jesus Lizard, Rapeman, Wire. 
Tunic, local noise rock outfit. 

January 30  Doors @ 9:00 / Music @ 9:30
The Handsome Daughter, 61 Sherbrook St.

Tickets are $10 or with a Big Fun Festival Pass

The Absent Sound puppet masters create huge dramatic worlds of sound. 
Powder Blue, guitar rock for northern lights and dark side mantras, minimal chords played to maximum effect.
Tropic Harbour, a utopian space constructed by Mark Berg; earworms and mint-infused hooks blend with swooning guitar knits. 
The Hours, a dream pop chandelier, chords hanging in a warm shoegaze veil.
Duo Basic Nature featuring Lizzy Burt and Claire Bones, lush with washed-out guitars and groove-inducing beats.

January 30, Doors @ 9:30 / Music @ 10:15
The Good Will - Social Club, 625 Portage, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B2G4
Tickets $10 at the door or with a Big Fun Festival Pass   18+

B.A. Johnston - ‘80s pop culture and barbarian warlords are fair game when this Juno-winner throws his weight around.
Surprise Party is robotic psychedelia for the head banger you never were. 
SMRT is an alt-pop-punk/indie-black metal/art rap vocalist. 
The Unbelievable Bargains write songs about what they know, mostly animals and food. 

January 31, Doors 9:30 / Show 10:15
The Windsor Hotel, 187 Garry Street 
Tickets $10 at the door or with a Big Fun Festival Pass  18+

The Ripperz - folk-tinged ballads to upbeat rockers with an occasional hard-rock scream.
Triggers have shared bills with the likes of A Wilhelm Scream and Direct Hit.
Gold Mountain make music to make you dance, think and love. Folk, pop and rock.

February 1, 10:30 am / Music @ 12:00 pm
The Good Will - Social Club, 625 Portage, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B2G4

Breakfast will be provided at a minimal fee, crafted by the one and only Carly Stefanowich.
Tickets are $10 or with a Big Fun Festival Pass

The Fourth Annual Big Fun Festival Hangover Breakfast 
Human Music brings you all the kick-back anthems your sweet tooth can handle.
The Catamounts (Graham Epp, Grant Trippel, Andy Rudolph and Michael Henderson Castle) is a surf-rock revival band, hinting at western pop, jazz, prog, baroque and even Greek Rebetiko.
Odanah’s guitar-driven melodies and lush harmonies show the listener these folks can laugh, cry and sing. 

United States - Equal Rights Petition

Virginia’s proposed anti-gay law could mean that denying service to lesbian, gay, and bi people is perfectly legal. Doctors, teachers, and so many others could refuse to treat and teach people just because of who they love. Please vote ‘no’ on this bill. Throw it out to send a strong message that your state stands up for equality.

Please sign this petition.

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