February 19, 2015

Forks: River Trail Dance Party l Safeway Singles Night l Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op: Good Food Rocks l Reel Green l McNally: March Events, St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and Music: March, April, May & June 2015

February 28, 8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Forks River Trail, Winnipeg, Manitoba
This is a free event!
We will also be serving free hot chai tea! Bring a mug!

Come join the Riel Gentlemen's Choir and the Castle Boys!
Featuring Local DJs: Coda, Manalogue and Dan Gilson
AND The Riel Gentlemen's Choir themselves!!

We are located inside a big blue geodesic dome, as soon as you enter the river trail from the big stairs at the Forks, tucked under the big pedestrian bridge just to the left.
ENCLOSED AND WILL BE WELL HEATED with three propane heaters inside, and numerous fire pits outside the dome!

March 3, 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Safeway, 499 River Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0C9

An event to get out and meet that perfect somebody, maybe even eat a snack.
If you want to be hit on, tie a bag around the handle of your shopping cart or basket.
What is happening afterward? A large number of people will go to the Toad after.
Bring or buy a non-perishable food item to donate to Winnipeg Harvest!

March 5, 7:00 pm
The Good Will - Social Club, 625 Portage, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B2G4

Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op is having a fundraising party!
Join us to celebrate and help sustain our work!
DJs: ATLAAS, Mama Cutsworth & Two Topping

Tickets available through a WFC board member at one of the following organizations:
Daniel McIntyre St.Mathews Community Association
Spence Neighbourhood Association
North End Community Renewal Corporation
Winnipeg FoodShare Co-op, a not-for-profit community service cooperative that works with community hubs to improve access to healthy, quality, affordable food. We run the Good Food Box program in Winnipeg: an easy way to get fresh and affordable produce to your neighbourhood. It’s a community buying club that works directly with local distributors and farmers to bring healthy food to all Winnipeggers.

March 7, 7:00 pm
Radisson Winnipeg, 288 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tickets: $50 each (includes a $25 tax receipt) 

Join us for our annual Reel Green celebration and fundraiser.

The evening features a series of short films celebrating our natural environment and the work being done to protect it, delicious food and drink, plus prizes and auctions.

Proceeds support environmental education and action on climate change, water conservation, youth leadership, organic lawn care and more, through the Manitoba Eco-Network.

Grant Park in Prairie Ink Restaurant, Winnipeg
Live Musical Performances  
Phone 204-475-0483  (Toll-Free 1-800561-1833)

Launches and Events:

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner
March 17, 5:00 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Featuring a special menu and live performance from The Hammers

March 4, 7:00 pm
Joseph Ranseth  Get in the Game: The World’s Leading Entrepreneurs & Professionals Reveal How YOU Can Get Off the Sideline and Start Improving Your Health, Wealth & Lifestyle
March 5, 7:30 pm
Claire Caldwell & Christine Fischer Guy  An evening of readings from Claire Caldwell (Invasive Species) and Christine Fischer Guy (The Umbrella Mender) featuring special guests Alison Calder and Ariel Gordon.
March 6, 7:00 pm
Marina Adshade  From Hoe to Ho: Technology and the Female Sex Drive
March 8, 2:00 pm
The First Women of 54 West Gate: Helen Gordon and Her Six Daughters
The year 2014 marked the 100th Anniversary of Ralph Connor House, a Winnipeg mansion built from the proceeds of Reverent Charles Gordon’s (a.k.a. Ralph Connor) famous novels. This is another look into ‘the Gordon world’ – historically part of the social gospel movement in Winnipeg.  Authors include: Jan Christie, Agnes Collins, Lorraine Cook, Diane DeGraves, Irene Legg, and Dianne Shefford.
March 9, 7:30 pm
Chantelle J.Z. Storm  Asylum
March 10, 7:30 pm
Cella Lao Rousseau  Damsel
March 11, 7:00 pm
Jade Markus  Selling Sexuality
March 15, 2:00 pm
Adriana Mingo  Lovestyle
March 15, 3:00 pm
Giselle Roeder  We Don't Talk About That
March 16, 7:00 pm
Michael Wilms  The Grain Fields
March 16, 7:30 pm
Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Pre-Concert Chat featuring MCO Music Director Anne Manson in conversation with cellist Ariel Barnes.
March 20, 7:00 pm
Eric Fehr  The Bulliest Dozer
March 23, 2:00 pm in the Community Classroom
Ixtapa Travel, River Cruising Travel Presentation: Ixtapa’s Canals, Vineyards & Paris Tour departing in September of 2016. RSVP to or call 204 885 0618
March 24, 7:00 pm
Kathleen Francis  Grace Notes
March 24, 7:30 pm
Rick Monture  We Share Our Matters: Two Centuries of Writing and Resistance at Six Nations of the Grand River
March 25, 7:30 pm
Michael Riordon  Bold Scientists: Dispatches from the Battle for Honest Science
March 26, 7:00 pm
Paula Hurwitz  Emiliano’s Discovery
March 26, 8:00 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Winnipeg Comedy Festival Preview
Host Al Rae was co-creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie
Bucko is comedic duo / couple Aaron Merke and Lauren Cochrane
Caitlin Curtisis the Artistic Director of the Canadian Theatre of Improvisation
Mike Green has been doing freelance work with the CBC
Stephen Sim, of the comedy duo CRUMBS, is the Artistic Director of the Winnipeg IF… Improv Festival
Dr. Rachel Sommer has been spreading laughter and improved eyesight 
March 27, 7:00 pm
Guttormur J. Guttormosson (1878-1966)  Ten Plays─Tíu leikrit
Joined by: Birna Bjarnadóttir, Christopher Crocker, Hjálmar Hannesson (Icelandic Consul General for Manitoba), Guy Maddin and Elin Thordarson
March 29, 2:00 pm
Sean Trinder  The Guy Who Pumps Your Gas Hates You
March 31, 7:00 pm
Joanne Kelly’s Book Club
Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See
Call 204-453-0424, ex 227 if you have any questions.
March 31, 7:30 pm
Cluster: New Music + Integrated Arts Festival, Composer Panel Discussion.  Guest composers Myriam Bleau, Gabriel Dharmoo, Fjóla Evans, Fredrik Gran and Tamara Yadao

Providence University College Public Lecture Series 2015
Admission is free – no registration is required - in the Travel Alcove

March 7, 7:00-8:30 pm
Dr. Dennis Hiebert, Professor of Sociology, presenting “The Postmodern Turn Away From Religion Toward Spirituality.”
March 14, 7:00-8:30 pm
Dr. Val Hiebert, Ph.D. (Cand.), Assistant Professor of Sociology, presenting “Intersex Realities and the Church: The Unwelcomed, Unwanted Neighbour.”
March 21, 7:00-8:30 pm
Dr. Randy Holm, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, presenting “Living in Dying and Modern Health Care.”
March 22, 2:00 pm
Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture, SSPX., speaking on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography

Niall Bakkestad-Legare Duo
Friday March 6, 8:00 pm

Chloé Plamondon & Brian Zimmerman
Saturday March 7, 8:00 pm

Friday Mar 13 2015 8:00 pm 
Jazz - Hear here

Saturday Mar 14 2015 8:00 pm 
Singer/Songwriter - Hear here

Keith and Renée
Thursday March 19 7:00 pm
musical performance & CD signing

Friday Mar 20 2015 8:00 pm 

Robert Burton Duo
Saturday March 21, 8:00 pm

Trulli Early Music Ensemble
Friday Mar 27 2015 8:00 pm

Saturday Mar 28 2015 8:00 pm - 

Saturday April 4, 8:00 pm
Jazz/American Standards - Hear here

Friday Apr 10 2015 8:00 pm

Saturday Apr 11 2015 8:00 pm

Friday Apr 17 2015 8:00 pm 
Jazz - Hear here

Paul Cameron Miller
Saturday April 18, 8:00 pm

Brian Chipney/Tim Cummings Trio
Friday April 24, 8:00 pm

Burton Trio
Saturday April 25, 8:00 pm

Friday May 1 2015 8:00 pm 

The Tims
Saturday May 2, 8:00 pm
Acoustic Blues Rock

Ed Goertzen
Friday May 8, 8:00 pm


Saturday May 09 2015 8:00 pm 

Matchstalk Men
Friday May 15, 8:00 pm
Easy Listening

Michelle Anseeuw & John Einarson
Saturday May 16, 8:00 pm
60s/70s Favourites

Friday May 22 2015 8:00 pm 
Mainstream Jazz

Saturday May 23, 8:00 pm

Table 4 Three
Friday May 29, 8:00 pm

Matt Moskal
Saturday May 30, 8:00 pm

Guenette Kidd Popeski Trio
Friday June 5, 8:00 pm

Robert Burton Duo
Friday June 12, 8:00 pm

Saturday Jun 13 2015 8:00 pm

Saturday June 20, 8:00 pm

Erie Bay
Friday June 26, 8:00 pm
Folk Rock

Doug G. Biggs
Saturday June 27, 8:00 pm
Acoustic Blues/Jazz/Folk

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