July 3, 2015

The Birdcage l Cinderella or the Story of Bigfoot l Circle Mirror Transformation l Parking Lots l Burning Hearts l Of Blood and Ashes l 3...2...1 l Central Park West l Eurydice l ImproVision l The Last Five Years l A Beautiful View

WINNIPEG FRINGE - tickets and info 
plays begin July 16 or 17

The Tom Hendry Theatre, 140 Rupert Ave, R3B 0P8

A gay cabaret owner, a drag queen, an engagement and a set of right-wing moralistic parents… let the follies commence at The Birdcage!  Crosswalk is happy to bring their stage version of the popular 1996 movie that starred Robin Williams and Nathan Lane to the Fringe.

Matthew Wall as Armand Goldman
Mitch Krohn as Albert Goldman
Nicholas Graham Curry as Val Goldman
Todd Kelly as Senator Kevin Keeley
Kimberly Kakegamic as Louise Keeley
Pamela Roz as Barbara Keeley
Mike Dooley as Agador
Alison Stenekes Loewen as Katherine Archer
Matthew Lagacé as Cyril (Stage Manager)
the Birdcage Girls: Corey Quintaine, Hank Koreman, Pictoria Secrete & Gloria Booths
Directed by Jean-Marc Lafond and Megan Gunn
Choreographed by Kami Desilets

Dramatic Theatre presents Cinderella or the Story of Bigfoot, by Elizabeth Ely Marano.
Ella does not have dainty feet. When she is invited to the King’s ball, Ella is assisted by Dweezil Twistup, Fairy God-dude Extraordinaire, and a pair of size extra wide Nike Shoeboxes!  This fun filled production is full of unexpected twists, and shows that it’s not just okay to be yourself, but that it’s the only way to be. 

KINSEY DONALD as Cinderella
Directed by: JUSTIN DANYLUK. 
Special group rates for groups of 10 or more. Daycare, and other youth agencies welcome!

Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Annie Baker’s Circle Mirror Transformation examines character relationships by means of strange, confessional, often absurd acting exercises. Five mismatched individuals, ranging in age from 17 to 60, meet over a six-week period. The material they perform is by turns hilarious, embarrassing, and deeply moving.

John Bluethner
Susanna Portnoy
Heather Roberts
Daniel Chen
Caitlin Belton
Directed by George Toles 
Stage Managed by Erin Thorleifson & Laurie MacDonell

Winnipeg Cinematheque, Main Floor - 100 Arthur Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 1H3

Parking Lots Paves Paradise - Back for their fourth Fringe, Parking Lots is climbing upon their steam roller to pave an improvised paradise full of laughter and storytelling.

Burning Hearts
Brent Hirose returns to the Winnipeg Fringe for the 10th year. 
When ghosts lose their memories, they wander the city, haunting over its people, searching endlessly for the beating of a heart that will one day remind them of who they used to be.

Pantages Playhouse Theatre, 180 Market Avenue East, Winnipeg, R3B 0P7

Of Blood and Ashes by Adam Johnstone and Ian James
Gem Newman, Kevin Pownall, Caleb Schellenberg, Carson Mauthe, Josh Zeaton

Professional wrestler Jack Phoenix stares into the twilight of his career. Follow Jack as he prepares for what may be the last time he steps into the squared circle.

3...2...1 by Nathan Cuckow and Chris Craddock 
A riveting play about two young men who skip their best friend's funeral and lock themselves in a garage with cases of beer, some Jack Daniels, drugs and broken dreams. And they're not coming out until everything's been drunk, popped, shot up or smoked.

Markian Tarasiuk and Tom Krushkowski 
Directed by Kayvon Kelly 
Design by Sofia Lukie 
Stage Managed by Sarah Mabberley 
Gunshots, Strobe Lights, Cigarettes, Coarse Language, Graphic Violence, Sexual Content

The Manitoba Museum, 190 Rupert Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0N2

Central Park West by Woody Allen 
A well to do psychiatrist has just discovered that her best friend is having an affair with her husband. She has invited the friend over for a confrontation after getting thoroughly soused. The husband is about to run off with a college student. 

Mark Finnbogason 
Tasha Roth
Sarah Putnam
Daniel Tompkins
Sydney Wiebe
Directed by: Margaret Fergusson 
Stage Managed by: Kat Petrash

The Hollow Leg Theatre Company presents Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl

Eurydice is marrying the love of her life, Orpheus, while her father tries to correspond with her from his home in the underworld. On her wedding day, a man appears and guides Eurydice to her father. Followed by a terrifying and hilarious Greek chorus, Sarah Ruhl’s tale chronicles a heart stuck between two people in two entirely different worlds. A visually exciting and engaging theatre experience.

Laurie MacDonell as Eurydice
Nicholas Groulx as Orpheus
Ian Bastin as the Father
Logan Stefanson as Interesting Man/Child
Kai Chochinov as Loud stone
Kerensa Peters as Little stone
Olivia Mackinnon as Big stone
Directed by Jeff Homer
Stage managed by Kaleigh Osadick
Designs by Lauren Gowler 

Duke of Kent Legion, 227 McDermot Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

ImproVision: Cardboard Robot Intervention
What do 12-stepping corrugated automatons have to do with improv? 
They’re both made up. 
That’s what ImproVision does; make stuff up based on your suggestions. And like any good intervention held at the Legion, the bar will be open during the show. 

Alan MacKenzie, Ed Cuddy, George McRobb and Audra Lesosky are veterans of 11 Winnipeg Fringe Festivals, one Edmonton Fringe Festival, and Winnipeg Comedy Festivals. 

Asper Center for Theatre & Film, 400 Colony Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Wasteland Productions and Fountain of Time Productions proudly present the musical hit, The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown.
Jamie is a young writer on the verge of success. Cathy is a struggling actor. Together, these 20-somethings tell the story of their lives, with Cathy’s story starting the end of their journey and Jamie’s beginning from when they first meet.

Katie German and Dan De Jaeger
Directed by Keri-Lee Smith
Stage Managed by Ashley DeVries

Snakeskin Jacket, 315-70 Albert Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B1E7

Snakeskin Jacket presents A Beautiful View by Daniel MacIvor.
We need to create a narrative of our lives that holds together. We revise it, until we obtain a beautiful view. The two woman in this dramatic comedy struggle to make sense of their relationship. If only the stories they told would stop colliding with each other. 

Kerri Woloszyn and Erica Hoiss
Directed by Jane Walker
Original Music by THE MARIACHI GHOST

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