November 21, 2010

buy nothing dub

The mixtechs deejays are putting together the buy nothing dub at pyramid cabaret, 176 Fort Street on Wednesday, November 24 at 10:30 p. m.

It's an evening of dub infused dancefloor destruction in support of buy nothing day.

dj cain - innovation canada / low self - banff
theo tzu - bass invaders / in da jungle
el richee - bass invaders / dzion
turtilian - bass invaders / monkey dub
the silver fox - rebel lion / szoldier
crabskull - music trader
riddim - bass invaders - in da jungle

Hosted by:
four20 - innovation canada / low self - banff
metro rotonto - jfk dub soundsystem
diverse - bass invaders

This is a pay what you can event!

18+ with valid photo ID
carnivalesque costumes encouraged!

Have a great day. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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