April 21, 2011

VOTE, 2011!!!

Meet at the U of W Centennial Hall Escalators at noon, April 27! 

Jonnie's Sticky Buns (bakery in the West End) has graciously offered to donate buns to participants on the day of the vote mob! 
Free Food and more incentives to attend this event!

Send Canada a message: Youth are voting this federal election!
Follow updates on twitter #votemobwinnipeg 


CBC Voter Compass (Who's views are most like yours?)

FAQ for students and young voters in the 41st general election

PARTY ELECTION PLATFORMS (in alphabetical order)

"For others away from the country: the process for overseas voting is actually less cumbersome than Elections Canada website describes. Just fill in the application for a mail-in ballot and ...DO NOT send it by post (like the website says) - *email* the application together with a proof of ID (scan of page 2&3 of your passport). 
If you're in Australia or NZ or somewhere equally far, they will courier your ballot out to cut down on the time."

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