May 22, 2011

Frontrunners ll

Second Opening Reception of Frontrunners 
At Plug In ICA, 1-460 Portage Avenue
Saturday, May 28, at 7:00 pm
Performance starts at 8 pm

The exhibit will run to July 17

Alex Janvier has mapped Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal engagement with the land. 
The residuals of those encounters are expressed in his painting with fluid line, bold colour, and abstracted landscapes that are inspired by quillwork and bead design. Hidden in his diagrammatic paintings are symbols and overt expressions that affirm Aboriginal connection and rights to the land, and document colonial encroachment. How Janvier references the shifts in land and cross-cultural relationships is present in this component of Frontrunners.

Joseph Sanchez, juxtaposing Aboriginal philosophies, oral history and experience with modern “artspeak”, his performance character Indio Dali, who is opinionated and critical of current descriptions of fine art, will address ecology, acceptable aesthetics and art themes, and the role the Professional Native Indian Artists’ Inc. played in challenging hegemony in the Canadian art world. 

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