June 9, 2012

The Creation of the Universe: Stamp-Making / Cartography

La création de l'univers / The Creation of the Universe
Emmanuelle Jacques

Exhibition Walk-through with the artist
June 16, 12 - 1 pm    free

Social trails : A stamp-making and cartography workshop 
June 16, 2 - 5 pm      $40

Open to adults and kids ages 10 and up

Discover how your fellow-citizens commute, see where your routes intersect, what are the places you are drawn to, you avoid, you are dreaming of? 

A social trail, also known as a desire path or desire line, is a landscape architecture term used to describe a path created by use. 
You will learn to trace and translate your own social trails into drawings. 
You will create a set of handmade stamps featuring signs and symbols from the language of mapmaking. These stamps will constitute an alphabet that can be employed to represent your personal territory.

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