June 13, 2012


June 19, 9:00 pm

See Sak Noel for the first time in Winnipeg, Live at Republic Nightclub, 291 Bannatyne!

Buy your early bird tickets, $15+Fees 
Tickets will go up to $30+.

Tickets Also Available at: $25+Fees
Luxe & Charm (Osborne)
Urban Bakery (Downtown)

Free Delivery: - $25
CALL/TXT 204.294.0067

Sak Noel (born Isaac Mahmood Noell) is a catala DJ, music producer and music video director. His father is from Pakistan and his mother from Catalunya, He is also founder and co-owner of Moguda production house. Since 2009, Moguda also runs the annual Moguda Dance Festival.

Sak Noel started in music as a teenager, influenced by the electronic music. 
Through his own company Moguda he cooperated with Mak & Sak and Xana and toured. 
He is best known for "Loca People", which was a big hit on European charts. 
A new single called Paso (The Nini Anthem) premiered in 2011.

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