June 4, 2012

Jane Barter Moulaison l Cameron Dueck

June 10, 2:00 pm in the Atrium
Thinking Christ: Christology and Contemporary Critics

Contemporary theology often makes a virtue of deconstructing traditional claims about Christ. Claims about the significance of Jesus Christ appear to be oppressive, intolerant and even violent. 

Jane Barter Moulaison argues that such critical theologies are not undermined by the claim of Christ’s central significance but are rather radicalized by it. 

She suggests that there are extraordinary resources available to those who long for political and material transformation precisely through the abandonment of spiritualized answers to Jesus’ question: “Who do you say that I am?” 

Moulaison is Associate Professor of Theology and Church History, University of Winnipeg, and is author of Lord, Giver of Life and editor of The Future of Theological Education in Canada. She is also a priest in the Anglican Church of Canada.

June 10, 2:00 - 4:00 pm by the Cash Desk
The New Northwest Passage: A Voyage to the Front Line of Climate Change

In the summer of 2009 Cameron Dueck and the rest of the crew of the Silent Sound completed a journey made by fewer people than have climbed Mt. Everest; they sailed through the infamous Northwest Passage. 

These waters are normally locked in ice, but due to climate change it is now possible to sail here each summer. Each person they met along the way added their story to this tale of life in the Arctic - a unique place where the climate change experience is affected by the ongoing debates over sovereignty, resources and cultural assimilation. 

Dueck’s journalism career has spanned the globe, with regular escapes to sea. Born and raised in Manitoba, Cameron currently lives in Hong Kong.

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