July 13, 2012

Winnipeg Fringe: The Big Stupid Improv Show l Against The Wall

WAG Muriel Richardson Auditorium, 300 Memorial Blvd.
July 18 to 28 

Crumbs' The Big Stupid Improv Show returns with the best Fringe performers 
improvising a show!

Against The Wall 

Son of Warehouse, 140 Rupert Ave, side entrance

Written by three-time Best of Fest winner Primrose Madayag Knazan 
Cast and Crew: Adam Jennings, Michael Hancharyk, Christine Reinfort, Spenser Payne
Stage Manager: Sheena Sanderson
Presented by Queer Media Group
Prairie Q Productions

"Meet me at the beginning..."
Ash escaped into the world of CC Bloom, while Steve escaped on the field. They came from two different worlds, but longed for the same thing... Her words changed them. 

*mature subject matter & language*

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