January 27, 2013

Kathleen Ward & Rosemary Ellis l Angel St. Cyr l Susan Harris l Gerry Kopelow l Karen Sunabacka

February 2, 2:00 pm in the Atrium
I Know My Grandma Loves Me

Dance, bake, frolic in the leaves and journey with one granddaughter as she discovers all the ways she can know her grandma’s love. It is the relationship between Kathleen Ward’s daughter Evelia and Grandma Bev that inspired such uplifting text.
Rosemary Ellis found illustrating and designing this book immensely rewarding.

February 3, 2:00 pm in the Atrium
Angel St. Cyr
Chickadee Trust

When a young boy moves to a new neighbourhood, bullies and thieves worry him, and he doesn’t know whom to trust. A kind mother, with her friendship with the local birds, shows him how patience and a trusting heart can make the new territory feel like home. 

February 3, 2:00-4:00 pm by the Cash Desk
Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the Life of the Canadian One-Cent Piece (1858-2013) and Little Copper Pennies for Kids

Susan Harris recounts stories of the Canadian penny that are both nostalgic and pragmatic. Little Copper Pennies portrays adventures of the soon-to-be-eliminated coin and its once-upon-a-time worth in trade and pastimes.

February 4, 7:30 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Small Works Gallery Opening showing Restoration

The photos provide an intimate glimpse of once grand structures, stripped down to their basic structural elements, just at the beginning of their long road to full restoration.
Gerry Kopelow is an internationally published author, lecturer, photographer, and training professional. Gerry is the author of several textbooks and books including the bestselling All Our Changes: Images from the Sixties Generation.

Meet the Composer, featuring Karen Sunabacka
February 11, 7:30 pm in the Atrium

Born in Winnipeg, Karen Sunabacka has had pieces performed by ensembles throughout North America and the UK. She has received commissions from Groundswell, the Brandon Chamber Players, the Agassiz Chamber Players, St. Margaret’s Anglican Church, and The Eckhardt-Gramatté Music Competition. In 2006 Karen won the prestigious UCDavis Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. Her commitment to teaching youth led her to found a Summer Arts Camp in Winnipeg.

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