November 13, 2013

Aliana Au’s Here & Now l Lion in the Streets l Wanda Luna's Mujeres De La Tierra l WAFF Manitoba Filmmaker Night l Canada Helps

Gurevich Fine Art, 200-62 Albert Street (204.488.0662)
will run until November 23

Aliana Au’s landscapes are measured prayers. Her use of oil stick and watercolour in her latest exhibit Here & Now are an homage to the few places left untouched by man.   

I am seeking a voice from my childhood.  Growing up in Canton (Guangzhou) China where I lived surrounded by unspoilt expanses of land. There was a true wildness in the places where I grew up.

Lion in the Streets by Judith Thompson
Black Hole Theatre, lower level of University College, 220 Dysart Road
Nov 19 and 26 at 7:00 PM l Nov 20 - 23 and 27 - 30 at 8:00 PM

Tickets: $15 Adults, $12 Students and Seniors
For reservations and group discounts contact the 24hr Box Office at 204-474-6880.

Abigail Allen 
Kaeleigh Ayre 
Ian Bastin 
Steven Csincsa 
Kevin P. Gabel 
Erica Hoiss 
Gislina Patterson 
Sarah Putnam
Tasha Roth

Lion in the Streets is a series of interconnected episodes which provide graphic glimpses into the desperate lives of 28 characters played by 9 actors. 
A Portuguese immigrant to Toronto named Isobel is a ghost in a purgatorial condition, reliving her past at the moment before she dies. Initially a prey herself to rage and violence, she watches over the living, suffers with them, and finally experiences the possibility of salvation.

Thompson is an Officer of the Order of Canada and winner of two Governor General’s awards for Drama.  Mature subject matter, language and content may be offensive to some.

Mujeres De La Tierra / Woman of the Earth - Indigenous Women of the Americas
By Wanda Luna
to November 30 
Neechi Commons, 865 Main Street l (204) 295-8819  or email
Luna investigates the role of storytelling in the connections between culture and the human body, and in exploring the bonds between indigenous nations. Piquing an interest in Chilean mythology, stories of Chilean medicine and heritage and their similarities to other indigenous nations and creation mythologies from first nations across Canada and the role of women in these nations.

Born in Chile, Wanda Luna is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, writer, and community activist who draws on multiple inspirations to create a wide variety of artistic productions.  Luna is the driving force behind the non-profit organization The Dream Room Project.

November 21, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Globe Cinema Winnipeg, 393 Portage Ave, 3rd floor, Portage Place Mall
(204) 943-2004

The Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival presents:
13 Short Films from Local Aboriginal & Metis Filmmakers! 
1.) The Visitor - Miriam Sainnawap (4:30)
2.) This Is A Real Story - Randy Sutherland & Alexandra Meekis (2:23)
3.) Strong Warrior Song - Crystal Greene (4:43)
4.) Yes I Can - Sarah Simpson-Yellowquill (6:52)
5.) Breaking From The Box - Rannon Wilson & Ryan Wilson (2:19)
6.) Water Guardians - Luther Alexander (10:00)
7.) Fishbowl - Luther Alexander (4:44)
8.) Hockey Dad - Roger Boyer (6:54)
9.) Kevy Chevy Wrestler - Roger Boyer (10:18)
10.) Letter - Jenna Neepin (2:30)
11.) Mark - Justina Neepin (7:25)
12.) Out Of Reach - Madison Thomas (10:22)
13.) Backlanes - Madison Thomas (12:34)

A Calgary organization called Seniors Secret Service has been providing gifts to isolated seniors at Christmas and on their birthday for the past 28 years. Unfortunately many of their Corporate and individual sponsors are choosing to sponsor fewer seniors this year, a move some have attributed to generous financial contributions during the flood crisis.  They are seeking help to ensure they meet the needs of their community. 

If you wish to help the Christmas Cheer program, you may do so by visiting Canada Helps 
or by mail to Seniors Secret Service, Suite #1, 6025 12 ST SE Calgary AB T2K 2K1

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