February 19, 2014

Jenny Berkel, Paul Bergman and Bobby Desjarlais l CrossFit Open Throwdown 14.1 l There is Here l Manitoba Liquor Marts’ Product Seminars

March 2, 8:00pm
Union Sound Hall, 110 Market Avenue
$10 | Doors at 8pm

Union Sound Hall is proud to present:

Jenny Berkel (MB/ON)
...outlined by spare guitar chords and coloured in by her impossibly fey voice, [these songs] are bleak and haunting and deeply familiar. - Verb Magazine

Paul Bergman (MB)
Paul writes songs about vegetables, death and love, and performs in a mesmerizing way.

Bobby Desjarlais (MB)
Starting with Attica Riots and The Bokononists, Bobby's songs cut to the heart.

March 2, 11:00 am
Undefeated CrossFit, 14-1100 Waverley Street

Undefeated CrossFit is kicking off the CrossFit Open by hosting 14.1.
We are excited to open our doors to any athlete from any affiliate in Winnipeg registered to compete in the CrossFit Open.
You will not need to e-mail us to register. There is no cost to participate.
We will announce when there will be time slots available on our schedule.
Visit our schedule, create a profile, and choose a time slot to throw down. Easy!

March 7 tol April 4
Ace Art, 2-290 McDermot Avenue 

'There is Here' a painting installation by Robert Taite
Artist talk - March 12, 2014 7 pm

Taite has installed a number of recent works in response to the architecture of aceartinc., continuing his investigation into the relationships and tensions between painting, sculpture, architecture and the body. 

Taite constructs sculptural paintings that are experiments in simple formal and material possibilities. When pieces start to pile up in his studio, their original purposes get lost as they are recycled in new assemblages. This process continues in the gallery where its space becomes a new arena for construction. The work alludes to other spaces, other worlds, but inevitably self-destructs into the here and now.

Manitoba Liquor Marts and the MLCC host seminars and tasting events throughout the year.
Try a number of samples across different countries and price points.

March 13, 7:00 pm - Cost: $35.00  
So Many Ways Tequila
Come taste the range of this incredibly complex drink. Lemon and salt not required!
Madison Square Liquor Mart Education Centre
March 20, 7:00 pm - Cost: $85.00
The Dream Of Dionysus
This ultra-premium wine tasting is an experience you won’t want to miss!
Grant Park Liquor Mart Education Centre
March 27, 7:00 pm - Cost: $35.00
Wines Of Australia
We go for a tasting “walkabout” through a selection of diverse wine regions.
Madison Square Liquor Mart Education Centre
March 31, 7:00 pm - Cost: $35.00
Can You Really Tell The Difference?
Join us in a blind tasting of wines that have a considerable price gap and see if YOU can tell!
Grant Park Liquor Mart Education Centre
April 3, 7:00 pm 
Everything Red - Cost: $35.00
Discover the nuances of red wines from Bordeaux to California.
Grant Park Liquor Mart Education Centre

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