January 7, 2010

The Winnipeg Humane Society Wants You

Jenelle Petrinchuk is inviting you - yes, you - to volunteer at The Winnipeg Humane Society .

Since 1894, The Winnipeg Humane Society, located at 45 Hurst Way in Winnipeg, has been Manitoba’s largest animal protection and welfare organization serving Winnipeg and surrounding communities.

The WHS is a non-profit organization that takes in nearly 9,000 unwanted, lost and abandoned animals each year, and advocates for the humane treatment of all animals. The WHS adopts approximately 3,500 animals each year, and returns numerous lost pets to their owners. The WHS provides numerous programs and services; a few of these are: low cost spay and neuter, education programs for both children and adults, and behaviour assistance (Yelp Line). WHS Animal Protection Officers investigate cases of abuse and neglect. Visit for more information.

The Winnipeg Humane Society relies heavily on volunteers to assist in every department within the organization. During 2009, nearly 800 volunteers have logged over 31,000 hours, the highest number of recorded hours and volunteers in its history.

“Each and every day we reap the benefits of having hundreds of volunteers help us make a difference in the lives of shelter animals, and to our community,” said Bill McDonald, WHS Executive Director.

The WHS attributes the increase in volunteer time due to improvements in efficiencies, and newly implemented programs and volunteer positions as a result of their new shelter. Meet Your Match© is just one of these volunteer driven programs. A team of trained volunteers now assist in the assessments of cats in order to determine their personality.

"Volunteers contribute directly to the success of our adoption matches," said Kelle Roth, WHS Manager of Volunteer Services. "They not only help us put our donations towards the animals in our care, they bring inspiration and dedication to The WHS each and every day.”

For more information phone : 204-988.8810
or e mail

Have a great weekend. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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