July 9, 2011

Game over, MrGhosty!

Ghosty's going away party!
Lo Pub, 330 Kennedy
Friday, July 15 at 9:00 pm

MrGhosty is off to Grad School in Toronto, and will be leaving Winnipeg at the end of July. 
He wanted to throw one last little show to thank you all for your kindness and support over the last few years. 

So come out and celebrate with him before he goes! Come dance drink and hang out!

He's put together a roster of musicians / DJs that he's played with many times:

BIlly Rockwell and REDWORM (from Bass Invaders!)
with visuals by MrGhosty and Jaymez!
Plus in a special grand finale set -- DR.Whomp! 

MrGhosty playing for you his favorite geekstep tracks!
What's geekstep?  Well, game themes remixed, chipstep, and more!

MrGhosty is going to miss Winnipeg and all of you very much, and he'd love to party with you all one last time :)

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