December 15, 2011

Aqua Books: collage-à-trois

December 21, 8:00 pm  
$10 ($5 students)

Jocelyn Goertzen, Shannon Kristjanson, and Rayannah Kroeker

collage-à-trois is our three voices, each with its own story. 
We grew up waiting by the radio to hit the red record button, belting Disney in front of the mirror, memorizing Handel excerpts, putting on full-scale basement musicals and plays, mimicking Michael Jackson moves, rocking out on a cardboard guitar, transcribing Coltrane and singing French-Canadian folksongs.

Everyone collects songs they'll never forget, an autobiographical soundtrack.
This project is a collage of our songs. 
Many genres, different instrumentations, creative arrangements and originals of our own.

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