December 8, 2011

Moon Voices: Resistance, Connection, Reclamation

Wednesday, December 14, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

The women of Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Moon Voices program invite you to tune into CKUW 95.9 FM for a special broadcast of “Moon Voices on the Air - Stories of Resistance, Connection and Reclamation”. Podcasts of the show will also be available on CKUW's website!

Host Cheryl McKenzie of APTN will facilitate.  We'll discuss what it means for Indigenous women to reclaim power, challenge systemic barriers and reconnect to our culture. 

Our stories will touch your heart, spark your interest, and make you think about what you know about Indigenous women. 

This event is the first of a series in a collaboration between Ka Ni Kanichihk's Moon Voices (Aboriginal Women Reclaiming our Power) Project and the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies (IWGS). 

Please mark your calendars for the following: 

JANUARY 25: "Moon Voices Speak! Reclaiming Our Power: Indigenous Women’s Perspectives on Education”: noon - 2:00 pm, Convocation Hall, University of Winnipeg. Speakers will include current and former students from UW, UM, and RRCC.

FEBRUARY 8: Moon Voices Share! Indigenous Mothering: Creating a Place of Love for the Next Seven Generations: 6 - 8:00 pm, Bulman Centre, University of Winnipeg.

MARCH 9 - 11: Moon Voices in ACTion Gathering: A three-day gathering, to be held at the University of Winnipeg, planned, led, and/or co-facilitated by the Moon Voices participants. 
Food, childcare, and other supports will be provided. 
Events will include:
Screening of the Moon Voices "Digital Stories" project 
Special guest speakers 
Art/cultural events.

ALL events are free, open to all, and will be either child-welcoming or have childcare.

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