February 19, 2013

Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert l Found Dog Tips l Danger on Craigslist

Recently people have been posting on Facebook that they have seen lost dogs.
During our cold winters, the dogs are in danger.

If you have found a dog alone, try to lure the dog with treats and use a low voice.
DO NOT CHASE IT!  Let them come to you.
If the dog looks interested, move slowly towards it keeping your hip toward the dog.
Do not look at it.  Have the leash ready to slip over the dog’s head.
Show a treat through the loop so the dog might poke its head through to get the treat.
Or open your car door and see if they want to go for a car ride.

Take it to Winnipeg Animal Service (WAS) or The Winnipeg Humane Society (WHS).
If after hours, please call Pembina Veterinary Clinic (open 24 hours) or Southglen Veterinary Hospital (open till midnight); they often take dogs until the next day.

If you can keep the dog notify the WAS, WHS and the vet in your area.
You may take the dog to the WAS or WHS or a vet and get it scanned for a microchip (free).
Take the dog for a walk around the area you found it.  He might lead you to his home.

If you cannot catch the dog, please report the dog’s description to 311, with the location and the direction the dog was heading.

--Check for license or ID tag and ask around your neighbourhood.
--Call 311 to report the dog found.
--Take the dog to the nearest vet to see if it has a microchip or tattoo.
--Put a sign in your yard saying you found a dog and put posters up in your area.
--Put an ad in Kijiji and the Free Press.  Plus post on Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert’s Facebook page.  It’s free.
--When someone calls ask them to bring proof of ownership.  It could be a vet bill or adoption papers or pictures.

A dog alone IS a dog LOST!  It is our responsibility to keep it SAFE!
Be careful!  Not all dogs are friendly.

Please do not give away free pets on Craigslist.
Even on Craigslist’s own site, the dangers are stated:
As you may be aware, animals given away for free can, and unfortunately often do, meet gruesome fates. They can end up in the hands of animal abusers like Barry Herbeck, a Wisconsin man who was convicted last year of torturing and killing animals he obtained through "free to good home" ads. He confessed to taking his kids with him when responding to the ads so people would be comfortable turning animals over to him.

People known as "bunchers," who obtain animals to sell to research facilities, often acquire animals by answering "free to good home ads.”

Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society, Inc.

Because there are animal abusers out there who search Craigslist looking for free animals.
“Free to good home” dogs and cats are obtained for research, dog fighting, baiting, etc. A Dog Blog

PLEASE do a home check/visit for any animal you place and follow up on the adoption.

Small Animal Rescue Society of BC

Please sign the petition

You can help end the cruelty by sharing the truth about animals’ abuse.
Thank you!

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