March 29, 2013

Allan Suban: Jazz Drums l Kay Seng: Backstrap Weaving

Marcel A. Desautels, Eva Clare Hall (Faculty of Music), 65 Dafoe Road
April 11, 8:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Free! (Food provided by my mom, because I'm Filipino like that)

Come and celebrate!
Handsome musicians, wonderful Filipino food and delicacies provided by my mom 
(Thanks mom), and me hitting and bashing stuff for an hour. 

Drums: Allan Suban
Bass: Sean Burke
Guitar: Tim Seier
Alto Saxophone: Eric Bachmann
Trumpet: Alex Massa

MAWA: Backstrap Weaving Workshop - Kay Seng
April 13, 10am – 4pm at MAWA
Cost: $30; some bursaries available; all materials provided 

Registration Deadline: Friday, April 5, 2013, 4 pm
Please register and pay online or email. Put “Backstrap Weaving” in the subject heading. 
Everyone welcome! Places are limited.

Backstrap weaving is portable and inexpensive—ideal for those who lack space and financial means for a table or floor loom, or would like to be able to take their weaving on the road. The results are stunning. 

In 1995, Seng, her husband and four children were driven from their home into Thailand. They spent the next 11 years living among 15,000 fellow refugees, sleeping on the ground. Seng supported her family selling clothing and blankets woven on her handmade backstrap loom to foreign visitors. 
We were the first family to come to Canada for our resettlement. I wondered how can I earn? So I decided to bring my loom with me.

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