March 7, 2013

Robert Chernomas  & Ian Hudson l Cluster New Music Festival l Pride & Prejudice Celebration l Debbie Pokornik

March 12, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
To Live and Die in America: Class, Power, Health and Healthcare

The United States is among the worst indicators of health and spends more on its health care system than any other industrial nation. This is the product of their brand of capitalism which has created the social and economic conditions and the inefficient and inaccessible health care system that is incapable of dealing with them.

Robert Chernomas is a professor of economics at the University of Manitoba.
Ian Hudson is an associate professor of economics at the University of Manitoba.

March 12, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove
Composer Panel Discussion, hosted by Winnipeg composer Gordon Fitzell

Cluster New Music and Integrated Arts Festival (March 9-16, 2013) is pleased to present an illuminating Composer Panel.
Guest composers Lori Freedman, Jessica Mays, James O’Callaghan, and David Storen will discuss their work and the convergence of new music and integrated arts.
Cluster is a platform for artists to create, to collaborate and to experiment.

March 13, 7:00 pm in the Atrium

It is “a truth universally acknowledged” that Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the world’s best-known love stories.
To celebrate the bi-centenary of its publication the Jane Austen Society of Winnipeg will present a celebratory programme with Society coordinator Celine Kear and participants Vicky Armanios, Agnes Collins, Grace Johnson and Hilda Wagstaffe. This evening promises an entertaining immersion in both the world of its creator and in her incomparable prose.

March 14, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
Standing in Your Power: A Guide for Living Your Life Fully Awake

Being perfect at being you does not mean you have to have all the answers.

Debbie Pokornik, BA, BSW is a mother, social worker, speaker, professional development leader and parent educator. Her company, Empowering NRG, guides people towards living an awakened and purposeful life by helping them disconnect from negative energies and reconnect to their inner wisdom.

Phone 204-475-0483
(Toll-Free 1-800561-1833)

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