November 9, 2012

Darlene Coward Wight l The Stafford Collection of Inuit Sculpture l Danny Unrau

The Stafford Collection of Inuit Sculpture 
WAG Exhibition Features Donations of Inuit Sculpture from Winnipeg Collectors
to January 2013

Earlier this year the Winnipeg Art Gallery received a significant donation of 121 Inuit sculptures, acquired over the past twenty years by Winnipeg collectors Bob and Marlene Stafford. The WAG has the world’s largest collection of contemporary Inuit art, numbering over 11,000 pieces, and it has organized more exhibitions and published more books on Inuit art than any other museum in the world.

Nov 15, 7:00 pm
Creation & Transformation: Defining Moments in Inuit Art

The collection of Inuit art held by the Winnipeg Art Gallery, is extraordinary. The WAG celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2012-13 and this book features many of the gallery’s treasures. 
Creation and Transformation is a major art book that describes the genesis and evolution of contemporary Inuit art from 1949 to the present. This volume is a new historical narrative of a contemporary art form as revealed in essays by international authorities and explored through the personal insights of the artists.

Darlene Coward Wight has been Curator of Inuit Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery since 1986 and has curated seventy-five exhibitions. She has written and edited eighteen exhibition catalogues, including the award-winning Early Masters: Inuit Sculpture, 
1949–1955 (2006) and The Harry Winrob Collection of Inuit Sculpture (2008).

Nov 15, 7:30 pm 
You Are The Boy

A DNA test jangles Ben’s self identity. A trail back through his family history uncovers a Jewish infant mysteriously left on a Mennonite doorstep in the violent Ukraine nearly eighty years before he was born, and tells the story of her twin trapped in Dachau. From Canada to Russia to Jerusalem, Ben searches and finds more than just his identity.

Danny Unrau is the author of Saints, Sinners & Angels and the award-winning Rogues, Rascals & Rare Gems, two books described as “chicken soup with an edge.”

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