November 26, 2012

The Dazzling Dahlias l Sharing Craft l Jordan Van Sewell l David Walker l Pat Bovey

The Dazzling Dahlias
December 2, 2:00 pm in the Atrium
So Many Petals

The contents of this anthology are divided into 10 different categories; fantasy, humor, insights, memories, nature, poetry, short stories, special moments, travel and potpourri. The contributors (all seniors) meet twice a month. The book is a collection of their written work and is dedicated to one who was with them and passed away a year ago. 
The group’s members include Lily Andrusiak, Lydie Martin, Suzanne Dion, Pauline Hein, Orysia Jackson, Sheila Wiseman, Mary Zyloway and Denise Schaubroeck.

Sharing Craft
December 3, 7:00 pm in the Travel Alcove

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library's featured craftspeople this evening are 
Linda Glowacki (needle felting), Liz Scott (embroidery), Shauna Fay (cross stitch), 
and Kara Neustaedter (cross stitch).

Jordan Van Sewell
December 3, 7:30 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant. Small Works Gallery 
Opening Showing Dreams

Jordan Van Sewell is a ceramic artist. The quirky sensibility of his sculptures convey profound and alarming truths about the human condition. 

David Walker
December 4, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
Wild World

A public square bombing in Yemen and shipments of rockets from North America randomly connect Canadian university researcher Arthur Crawford and Washington 
anti-terrorism expert Myron Klass. 

Dr. Walker served as chair of the Industry Committee and Parliamentary Secretary to the then Minister of Finance, Paul Martin.  Dr. Walker taught public policy and urban studies at the University of Winnipeg. Since 1997, he has been a consultant specializing in strategic advisory services. He is President of West-Can Consultants Ltd.

Pat Bovey
December 4, 8;00 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Visual Celebrations/Célébrations Visuelles: The Buhler Gallery 5th Anniversary Publication.

Pat Bovey is an art historian, author, consultant, and former director of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Bovey teaches art history, cultural policy and arts management at the University of Winnipeg. A Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (UK), she is a recipient of the Canada 125 Medal, Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal, Woman of Distinction for the Arts, Canadian Museums Association Distinguished Service Award and the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Medal.

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