November 6, 2012

R. Bruce MacDonald's North Star l Lloyd Robertson

Nov 12, 7:30 pm
North Star of Herschel Island: Last of the Canadian Fur Trading Ships
There will be a Question and Answer period.

The current owner of North Star tells of her amazing career.  In 1936 she began in the icy and stormy Beaufort Sea transporting a Inuit village out to sell furs and obtain supplies, then race to get home before the passage re-froze. North Star became an oil-exploration vessel and an Inuit sail-training ship, participateed in the survey of the B.C./Alaska boundary, and took Cambridge researchers to look for mermaids.  During the Cold War she asserted Canadian Arctic sovereignty by sailing to and holding a remote island. 

R. Bruce Macdonald has published in dozens of magazines worldwide. He is the former Contributing Editor of Sailing Canada. As a sailor, he has logged over 75,000 nautical miles. He and his family have lived aboard North Star of Herschel Island for the last sixteen years.  He will be presenting highlights of the book and Canada’s Arctic tall ship’s career and presenting photos from the ship’s adventures. 

An Evening with Lloyd Robertson
Nov 13, 7:30 pm
The Kind of Life It's Been: A Memoir

For sixty years, Lloyd Robertson appeared on Canadian television as a journalist and an anchor, bringing us the major events of the day. The longest-serving TV news anchor in Canadian history, first on CBC and then on CTV, Robertson remains one of the most accomplished journalists of our time. 

His career is the story of Canada over the past half century, as he told us about 
the moon landing, JFK’s assassination, Trudeaumania, Terry Fox’s run, 
the Montreal Massacre, 9/11 and the royal weddings.
Robertson shares the insights he has gained, from breaking into the business in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario, to joining the CBC, to his highly public departure for CTV, to his career as senior editor of CTV News. 
Filled with often hilarious anecdotes, this book captures the essential tales of our time and is a must for any Canadian interested in the inner workings of a frenetic newsroom.

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