April 29, 2013

Get Together for St. Fidelis School, College Point, New York l City Council Votes on Backyard Chickens

There is going to be a farewell get together at St. Fidelis School on June 23.

There will be Mass at 3:00 pm, followed a tour of the school building until 6:00 pm. 
They will be serving light refreshments, and need an approximate of those attending. 

If any former student is interested in attending, please post a message to 
Donna Lynn Shapiro Matetoskey, who is organizing the event. 

Brooklyn Spared in Latest Round of Catholic School Closures

April 30, 9:30am until 4:30 pm
City Hall, 510 Main Street

Plan to be at City Hall as Council votes if they'll allow residents to keep some backyard hens!  Show your councillor you support sustainable urban living. 

The bylaw as drafted will make chickens illegal! 
Call or email your Councillor now! Here are suggested points to make:

I respectfully request that you support the deletion of section 32(2) of the proposed Responsible Pet Bylaw. It classifies chickens as a commercial animal and specifically states that "No person may keep or raise poultry except in districts zoned “agricultural” under the Winnipeg Zoning By-law."

Chickens are raised safely and humanely in over 100 North American municipalities. Please ensure Winnipeg lives up to its own sustainable living goals by not outlawing hens kept by residents for eggs. I urge you to read the Winnipeg Urban Chicken Association's research paper which dispels the fearmongering and myths that have obscured this debate. Thank you.

To contact your Councillor click the link for their phone numbers. 
Especially important to contact Councillors Fielding and Steen!

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