September 18, 2013

Canada One Travel l THIN AIR: Lauren B. Davis and Andrew Kaufman l R. Bruce Logan and Elaine Head l Beryl Young and Jason Doll

Canada One Travel
September 24, 2:00 pm in the Community Classroom

Join Vicky Lubyk for this talk on an 11-day cruise that combines highlights of the 
Society Islands with the Cook Islands. Please RSVP at (204) 287-8228 or e mail.

September 24, 2:30-3:30 pm in the Atrium
THIN AIR Afternoon Book Chat with Lauren B Davis and Andrew Kaufman 

Lauren B Davis is the author of bestselling novels The Stubborn Season, The Radiant City, and Our Daily Bread. Her new novel, The Empty Room, is a raw portrayal of alcoholism. 

Andrew Kaufman has written The Waterproof Bible, All My Friends Are Superheroes, and The Tiny Wife. His latest, Born Weird, is the choice for this month's SHAW TV Book Club, which will be held on September 24 at McNally's.

September 24, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove
Back to Vietnam: Tours of the Heart

This memoir sweeps the reader back through the battle-torn history of beautiful, bewildering Vietnam and across the now recovering nation. 

Bruce Logan and Elaine Head, have crafted an intriguing tale of their struggles and delights in becoming volunteers. They travelled to Vietnam to retrace Bruce’s steps as a young lieutenant in the 60s.

September 24, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
Would Someone Please Answer the Parrot! 

Twin seven-year-olds are given a talking parrot named Guapo. When nasty Auntie Pattie visits she is disliked by everyone, and the children devise a clever plan to use Guapo to get rid of her. 

Beryl Young is the author of three best-selling books: Follow the Elephant, Charlie: A Home Child’s Life in Canada and Wishing Star Summer. She won the 2012 Chocolate Lily Award for the best B.C. Novel and a 2010 Silver Moonbeam Award. 

Jason Doll is an award-winning cartoon animator and illustrator. His first picture book Freddie’s Problem was selected for the 2011 Best Books for Kids & Teens publication.

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