September 22, 2013

Fruit Share Fundraiser and Workshops l Gentle Barn Gala to Help Children

Fruit Share's Pie and Cider Fundraiser running now until Sept 25. 
Once all the orders are in we'll be making pies for pick up 
on October 5 - just in time for Thanksgiving! 
Proceeds will help ensure that Fruit Share continues to pick and share unused fruit.

Winnipeg Free Press article on Fruit Share

Register today by emailing Joanna
All classes are FREE at Churchill Park United Church (525 Beresfod Ave)
Beginner and expert pie makers all welcome.
Demonstration followed by lots of hard work and a fun time! 
You’ll be helping make many pies for our fundraiser!

Making pie dough from scratch
October 1, 6-9pm

Making apple pie
October 2, 6-9pm

Making pumpkin pie
October 3, 6-9pm

The Gentle Barn Fundraising Gala
September 28, at 8:00 pm 
Serenity West Recording Studio, 5540 Hollywood Boulevard.

Please join us for vegan food, cocktails, music, and a live auction! 
Please come in cocktail attire and support the animals and children we heal.

We are requesting a $250 donation per person. - select The Gentle Barn Gala under One Time Donations. 
Please RSVP and include your donation confirmation and names of guests in your party. 
You must RSVP and make your donation in advance. Adults only. 
The animals and children thank you!

The Gentle Barn's Violence Prevention Program for at risk, inner city and special needs kids starts this month. Our 10 month program hosts kids who do not respond to traditional therapy and who are kept either on medication, in foster care or in jail because they have no where else to go. 
Coming to The Gentle Barn can change their lives forever. 
The foster homes, probation camps, drug and alcohol rehab centers and inner city schools that desperately want to bring their youth to our program this year cannot afford to come, so we need to raise the funds for them. Our program costs us $400 each time the kids come and $4,000 for the entire year.  Help bring  youth to The Gentle Barn to learn kindness, compassion, confidence and find themselves.

Our beloved Cinnamon Apple Pie left us this week. 
She was very old, in her 30's, and was in bad shape when we brought her home 10 years ago. The weekly acupuncture, chiropractic, ultrasound and massage therapy made her feel better, kept her mobile and gave us many years with her. 
We are so sad to see her go.

The Gentle Barn Foundation, 15825 Sierra Highway, Santa Clarita, CA

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