September 17, 2013

Happy Fourth Birthday, Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate by Margaret Ullrich

Happy Fourth Birthday to Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate!!
Yes, Winnipeg is four years old!
THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to visit since 2009!

Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate is a continuation of Better Than Chocolate, 
a radio show Sophie Kolt and I produced every Thursday morning on the
University of Winnipeg's campus and community radio station, CKUW 95.9 FM.

We presented an hour of happenings, news, music, humour and local personalities.
Our show was voted People’s Choice for Favourite Spoken Word Show in 2008.
Not bad for a radio show's first year's run!!

Doing this blog is a little different from doing a radio show.
It has been a learning experience for me.
Originally I had planned to do three posts a week.
I soon learned there were more than just three events happening each week.
There is indeed a plethora of things to see and do in Winnipeg.

At first I made each event an individual post.
Then I realized that was a confusing way to keep track of everything,
especially if people were visiting here to see what was happening.
So, I've been grouping events that were happening at about the same time.
Hope the new format has been making things easier for you.

Winnipeg is Better Than Chocolate started as an arts and social events blog.
Every so often I also posted about more serious news.
It looks like you cared about these topics, too.
In July 2010 Blogger started keeping track of the posts' visits.
I took a look at the 2,236 posts' numbers to see what you've been reading.
Some of the more serious news posts really caught your interest.
Forums on the arts, culture, immigration and election candidates, along with political issues, such as the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline, were the top posts.
Thank you for reading them.
I'll try to keep bringing you news about issues as well as the arts.

Blogger also keeps track of where visitors live.
I'm still amazed at how the internet brings everyone together.
In the top 10 countries for Winnipeg's visitors, Canada is number one, and is closely followed by the United States.
No surprise there, especially since folks from the States vacation in Canada.
I imagine they visit Winnipeg to plan what to do.
People in Russia, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Slovenia, Poland and Japan are, in that order, Winnipeg's other top visitors.
This month folks from Serbia, China, India, the Netherlands and Latvia also visited.
Shouldn't be a surprise - lots of folks like to vacation in Canada.
Thank you for visiting!
Hope what you read here helped make your vacation more enjoyable and that you'll come back for another vacation soon.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who sent me news about upcoming events.
Please, keep those e mails and messages on Facebook coming.
This blog wouldn't be anything without your news.
I'd also like comments.
Just click on Comments and write.
Or send me a message through Facebook.

On to another great year in this fantastic city!
As I said when Sophie and I signed off our weekly show...
Have a great weekend. How can you miss - you're in Winnipeg!

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