September 6, 2011

Carol James & Michael Reisman

Monday September 12, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
Sprang Unsprung: An Illustrated Guide to Interlinking, Interlacing and Intertwining

We know Carol James for her work with fingerweaving, the method of construction in the Voyageur and Métis Assomption Sash. 

She has taught workshops and is the author of the book Fingerweaving Untangled
Her works have been exhibited in Canada and abroad in Japan and the UK. 

Sprang Unsprung is a step-by-step, well illustrated manual that helps untangle the technique of the little-known art of sprang.  

Meet the Composer, Michael Reisman
Monday September 12, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove 
Hosted by Anne Manson 

Michael Reisman will be discussing his work with Philip Glass, the art of arranging, composing for film, and the life of a composer, with accompanying music and film.

Michael Reisman, the multi-talented composer, conductor, keyboardist and record producer, has influenced many as the innovative musical director of the Philip Glass Ensemble. 

Reisman has had a long collaborative relationship with Philip Glass, playing in his Ensemble since 1974 and serving as its Musical Director since 1976. He has also conducted and played on albums by Paul Simon, Scott Johnson, Mike Oldfield, Ray Manzarek, David Bowie, and Gavin Bryars. Riesman also creates original works, including an album, Formal Abandon. In the theater, he collaborated with Robert Wilson on Edison

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