September 28, 2011

Chris Macalino: The Rock and Roll Draft

Tuesday, October 4, 9:00 pm 

A graduate explores the music world with a camera. Creating video, theatrics, and unheard of magic, the mission of self discovery multiplies into an adorable exhibit. 

Chris Macalino, a painter, poet, and filmmaker, was assigned his first commission at the age of 16, a mural in The Wolseley Area. He graduated as valedictorian with awards for English and Art.  He found the time to write Throat Ocean, and land a role in Sunday Best, while showing on radio, galleries, print and online media. 

After graduating with a BFA from The School Of Art, Macalino was assigned to provide a small collection of paintings for a clinic in Florida and continued recording performances. He then celebrated Kulay, a culmination of his painting advances in The Exchange.
He has produced music videos, film poems, and footage of cultural events. 

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