September 9, 2011

Sally Ito, Don Sawyer & T.D. Thompson

Thursday September 15, 8:00 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant

Plunging deep into the soul, Sally Ito renders a spiritual examination like no other in her new poetry collection, Alert to Glory. 
A cohesive meditation of creativity, motherhood and poetry, Ito discerns spiritual gifts in daily acts of raising children and writing.

Born in Taber, Alberta, Sally Ito is a writer, editor, and translator living in Winnipeg with her husband and two children. Currently, she is an instructor of Creative Writing and a contributor to a children’s multicultural literary blog. 

To express a deep abiding love for things ‘visible and invisible’ is what she aspires to in writing her poetry; failing and yet ever striving is the process through which she hopes one day to arrive.

Sound the trumpets! Sally Ito’s Alert to Glory is a clarion call to “alertness and watching which is the poet’s / constant state.” These well-crafted poems arouse us love of the natural world as well as the everyday domestic amazements.

--Susan McCaslin, author of Demeter Goes Skydiving (University of Alberta Press)

Thursday September 15, 7:30 pm in the Travel Alcove

Pemmican Publications is proud to welcome two of its hippest authors, 
Don Sawyer and T.D. Thompson, to read in Winnipeg. 

In British Columbian Don Sawyer’s novel, Where the Rivers Meet, there’s Nancy Antoine, who draws courage from her roots to challenge racism and indifference. 
In addition to the novel, Sawyer has produced a new Teacher’s Guide for the book. 
He’ll also preview his latest story, Running

Edmonton author T.D. Thompson has introduced two stirring young protagonists – the confused but hopeful Dave, in Flight of the Wild Geese, and the fretful but wily Ari in Retro Girl – with more to come in her new Pemmican title, Rooster

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