September 18, 2011

Metis, Metis Not

Local filmmaker Arlea Ashcroft's short film Metis, Metis Not will be screening at the 
3rd Annual Biindigaate Film Festival in Thunder Bay ON on Sunday Sept 25. 

Director / Performer: Arlea Ashcroft
Camera: Arlea Ashcroft, Ryan Simmons, Andrea von Wichert
Video Editor: Heidi Phillips
Sound Design: Mike Wright
Curator: Liz Barron

Metis, Metis Not was created as part of a new media art exhibit entitled ID, showing 
at Paved Arts in Saskatoon, SK. 

I documented my lack of relationship with my cultural background. I explored my own myths, stereotypes, and clichés from reenacting the discovery of my native heritage to my attempts to embrace my Metis-ness or Metis Not-ness at such a late age. 
I transformed myself into a Gift Shop Native Doll complete with packaging. The piece deals with my feelings of guilt, lack of entitlement, and own naiveté at my personal cultural crossroads and what it meant to be Metis. It has a homemade simplicity, that is truthful and heartfelt.  - Ashcroft

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