April 22, 2012

Alison Gillmor, Amy Fung & Cathy Mattes: What is art?

MAWA, 611 Main Street
April 28, 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

If “what is art” is specific to individuals, how do we educate a general public, advocate on behalf of an art-filled culture or even critique work?

Is it art if the creator didn’t call it art? Is it art simply because a creator calls it art? Is there a difference between non-art and bad art? Is craft art? Documentary photographs? Commercial design? Architecture? 

Three panelists will each present images, some they define as art and some they don’t, and articulate why. 
Then the floor is open to you. 
Debate! Disagree! Argue passionately for what you believe in!

Alison Gillmor who writes on art, film and pop culture for the Winnipeg Free Press, 
CBC’s Manitoba Scene and Border Crossing.

Amy Fung, an interdisciplinary and independent arts writer, organizer, and editor of the Edmonton-based

Cathy Mattes, who focuses on Aboriginal issues and art. She is now the art history lecturer at Brandon University, Visual and Aboriginal Arts Department.

Moderated by Sarah Anne Johnson.

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