April 15, 2012

Polaris Project: 10 Years of Fighting Slavery

On February 14 Polaris Project celebrated its 10th anniversary. 
In the past ten years, Polaris Project has grown into a powerful organization that is transforming the way communities in the U.S. fight slavery and human rights abuse. 
Thanks to your support, we have supported thousands of trafficking survivors through our hotline and client services program. We have helped pass dozens of state bills to reduce trafficking. We have trained thousands of people to recognize the signs of trafficking and we have built a significant network of grassroots activists to help us expand our impact.
Read this report on our Ten Years of Impact and view this interactive timeline to learn more about the successes you have helped make possible. 

And be sure to watch Co-Founder, Katherine Chon, who recently shared how she and Derek Ellerman were inspired to launch an organization where everyday people could come together to do extraordinary things to overcome the scourge of slavery.

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