April 22, 2012

Joe Mackintosh: Métis Andy De Jarlis

April 28, 2:00-4:00 pm by the Cash Desk
Andy De Jarlis: Life and Times of an Old Time Fiddler

Successful Métis fiddler and composer Andy De Jarlis’ talent and contributions to Canadian music were the equal of old-time fiddle icons Don Messer and Al Cherny. Andy's most important legacy may be his dedication to keeping Prairie Métis fiddling music alive. 

He had many original compositions.  He also copied the sounds that he'd heard in his youth so they could be played by bands across the Prairies. 
This book will allow Andy’s contributions to be enjoyed by a new group of fans. 

Joe Mackintosh has played piano and accordion with bands ranging from jazz and Dixieland, country western, old time fiddling and big bands. 
He played with the Andy De Jarlis orchestra until Andy’s death.

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