April 17, 2012

Nahlah Ayed / the Enneagram

April 23, 7:00 pm in the Atrium
A Thousand Farewells: A Reporter’s Journey from Refugee Camp to the Arab Spring

In 1976, Nahlah Ayed’s family gave up their comfortable life in Winnipeg for the squalor 
of a Palestinian refugee camp in Amman, Jordan.  It was from this situation that Ayed first observed the people whose heritage she shared. 

The family returned to Canada, and Ayed ignored the Middle East.  The First Gulf War 
and the events of 9/11 reignited her interest. Soon she was reporting from the region 
full-time, trying to make sense of the wars and upheavals. 

Ayed describes the myriad ways in which the Arab people have fought oppression and loss, and the wars, crackdowns, and uprisings she has reported on in the region.  
Nahlah Ayed joined the CBC in 2002 and is currently a CBC correspondent.

April 23, 8:30 pm in Prairie Ink Restaurant
Heart and Soul of the Enneagram: Reflections on Inner Work and the Enneagram

First self published under the title Soul Stuff, the book has been expanded.  The reader 
is invited to pay as much attention to the empty spaces as the words themselves. 

Carol Ann Gotch and David Wolch are spiritual directors, teachers and workshop facilitators, who use the enneagram as a symbol of transformation. 
They have been studying and teaching the enneagram in Winnipeg since 1981. 
Carol Ann holds a Master’s Degree in Spirituality, and is a staff member of Prairie Jubilee, 
a program for training spiritual directors.  David holds a Masters in Spiritual Theology.

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