December 7, 2012

JEUDI CINÉMA: Familiar Ground l cre8ery: Fractions

December 13, 6:45 pm 

We cordially invite you to be our guest for this private screening. 
The film will be presented in French with English subtitles. 

Following up his acclaimed feature film Continental, a Film without Guns, Québec’s filmmaker Stéphane Lafleur introduces us to fascinatingly compelling characters in a story at the edge of reality.  Part of the official selection of the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, En Terrains Connus presents a deceptively simple but quietly powerful sibling drama with a touch of fantasy.
Maryse and her husband are desperate to sell a backhoe sitting abandoned in their suburban yard. Her brother, Benoit, is trapped in endless adolescence, sharing their childhood home with their invalid father. Benoit is enamoured with a single mom named Nathalie, and he's hoping to finally grow up by living with her. A serious accident at the factory where Maryse works, a strange series of coincidences, and the arrival of a man claiming to come from the future lead Maryse and Benoit to a life-altering road trip.
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cre8ery gallery & studio, 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor
(204) 944-0809

December 13 - 18
Opening Reception: December 13, 7:30 - 11 pm
Friday, 12-6, Saturday 12-4, Tuesday 12-6

This is an exhibition of four unique artists who to an outside viewer may appear too different to work collectively. However, Fractions is about both the individual and the group; how the unique parts come together to create a collective whole.  Through a mutual desire to learn and grow, this group of complementary opposites has developed dissimilar but connected art works, which speak together and separately, like voices singing in harmony to an unwritten melody.

Working primarily in ceramics and painting, Christopher explores the invisible forces which propel objects, events and people. 

Anna Frances Robinson’s work reflects the structural beauty of these objects, transformed through her perspective and inviting the viewer to enter into the space of the painted structure.

Sarah Neville’s interactions can be seen in both her paintings and contemporary textile work.  The unusual and unseen sides of pets and animals are her focal point.

Ashley Feduniw adopts the philosophy of Cubism in order to create her work. Her goal is to allow the viewer to gain appreciation for an object that has seemingly been forgotten by many.

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