December 5, 2012

WTF?!? Party: Dr. Paul Kershaw & James Magnus-Johnston

December 11, 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm
Finn's Pub @ The Forks, 210-25 Forks Market Rd.
RSVP with Mel: 204.943.9573

Featuring: Dr. Paul Kershaw, a leading thinker on family policy
James Magnus-Johnston, Canadian Director of CASSE

                Why are young people so saturated in debt?
Do you worry about your economic future?
Are you struggling to make ends meet despite working full time?
Do you wonder why you have so much debt?

Canadians aged 25-45 are squeezed for time at home, because it takes two adults to bring home what one earned a generation ago.
The generation raising kids today has less time, flat-lined household incomes and skyrocketing housing costs compared with the 1970s.

Kershaw, a two-time Canadian Political Science Association national prize winner, is a regular media contributor and the Scholar of Social Care at UBC.

Magnus-Johnston is the Canadian Director of CASSE, a think-tank that promotes alternatives to unsustainable economic growth.

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