January 16, 2012

Great Catherine / AnnaJanska, the Bolshevik Empress

Colin Jackson Studio, Prairie Theatre Exchange, 3rd floor Portage Place
Sunday, January 22 to Sunday, January 29

Shoestring Players presents two plays, two powerful and outrageous women. 
Hilarity will ensue!

Great Catherine - Shaw shines the light on the "enlightened" 1776 Russian court with foolery and fun. He bases his lively farce on the notoriety of both Empress Catherine II and her advisor General Patiomkin. 
Director: Katherine McLennan 
Cast: Rhonda Kennedy-Rogers, Bernard Boland, Joe Stratton, Carol Stephens, Angela Rajfur, Mike Seccombe, David Pruden, Linda Meckling, Marilynn Slobogian, Karl Eckstrand, Paul Warkentin, Allyson Brown, Naomi Cronk, Lauren Sellen, Janet Taylor 

AnnaJanska, the Bolshevik Empress - The daughter of a deposed royal family is arrested by Bolshevik revolutionaries, but is only too happy to join the cause - much to the horror of one of her father’s former generals.
Director: Maureen Taggart
Cast: Jennifer Gottwald, Jean-Marc Blanc, Ian Scott, Paul Warkentin, Karl Eckstrand

George Bernard Shaw turns Eastern European history on its ear with this pair of madcap comedies.

Tickets: $15.00 | Students/Seniors $12.00
At the door: Cash/Cheque/ShawPass. Box office opens 45 minutes before showtime. 
For show info and to reserve tickets, call 475-6821
Wheelchair accessible | Capacity 110 | 105 mins

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