January 15, 2012

Precarious Theorizing: Dr. Sharon Rosenberg

July 13-15, University of Alberta
Embracing Sharon’s life, work and relationships, we invite all who have found inspiration in her writing, teaching or living to a three-day conversation in her memory.

Please write and tell us briefly how you would situate your own writing, thinking, teaching or living in relation to the notion of precarious theorizing. 
How do her early provocations resonate with your own work? 
How might you work with her initial thinking further through your own writing, thinking, teaching or living?

Informal proposals or queries should be sent to Precarious Theorizing by February 15. 

Sharon’s call to develop a mode of precarious theorizing has implications well beyond the specific academic study of traumatic ignorance.

The relations between people, ideas, affects were what held her interest. It is this critical and passionate conversation which we invite you to attend to with careful, thoughtful, generous relationally.

Participate in three themed conversations:
Precarious theorizing in relation to 
1. writing and thinking
2. teaching and pedagogy
3. living (on)

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